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Smashing Garlicky Goodness

We have garlic in our boxes again, which goes perfectly with spinach, courgettes, cucumber, carrots and mushrooms.

If you’ve had a bad day at work or home (or just for the fun of it) try preparing the  467 more words



This recipe is probably how we really think of meatballs, Italian style, served with pasta.  I’m not sure Mum would have put the olives in as she and Dad didn’t like them, but I think they are the ingredient that makes the Italian difference.

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Meatballs must have been one of Mum’s favourite meals as I’ve found lots of recipes for them in her collection.  This one must have been a later one as it uses a bottle of pasta sauce and fettucine, ingredients that weren’t around when she was cooking for us as children.

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Blooming Herbs

French cooking thyme & onion (not garlic) chives.

Trying desperately to get the vegetable garden planted by the end of May.
The beds are tilled up, tomorrow morning they will get raked smooth, then the watering system can get hooked up. 45 more words

Tried East Indian Dish from TV

Wow! Just realized this blog failed to post a year ago:

I made a vegetarian version of an Indian dish I saw on the Create channel. 115 more words

Diary Entry

CSA Wednesday: Week 21

This week we got red salanova lettuce, garlic, snap peas, potatoes, peaches, strawberries, summer squash, and carrots.


Asian Inspired Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Growing up I didn’t not eat a lot of pork (aside from ham that is), because I think my mom was afraid the meat would not reach the right temperature. 378 more words