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White Sands and Things to Think About

White Sands . . . 

My playground for today (instead of a hard two-hour ride–because I could not find a bicycle)

And a fascinating article that I know will draw some comments . 103 more words


Bolilmark - Lakolk Round

Happy weekend everybody… hope you all are having a ball with the weather. I went out after the days heat had died down a bit. Still in bright sunshine and it felt warm enough, however all the shady spots had been cool enough already. 146 more words


The big day dawns!

Am I ready? Too late to worry now!

Training is over, nothing more can be done. So, try and relax, enjoy the build up (and eating those carbs) ready for hitting the red start and Greenwich on Sunday morning. 797 more words


Training Plan: Week 6

Week 6 was upon me like the Flash! Time until the marathon seemed to be disappearing like water falling through a sieve… nothing was able to slow it down; I was endeavoring to get every last ounce of enjoyment out of the experience, no matter how quick it was speeding by. 700 more words

Weight Loss

Juvre - all the way...

Hi all – this one was a tough one… I went out a bit too early in the evening. At first all was good, however once I hit the 3 k mark it started to get rather warm. 85 more words


40 minute chicken run🐔 🏃

So with the glorious sunny weather finally here I had big plans for my evening. I started the day with a nice 5:30am start and had some all bran and banana with oat milk. 274 more words

Direction Nr Tvismark

Another one in the books… When I got out the door and started running the deer were literally in front of me. However – instead of them running away, they just stood there and looked at me. 164 more words