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One for the birthday girl

It was my wife’s birthday on Monday. And much to her delight, she got the very thing every wife of a Strava doodler hopes to get for her birthday: a Strava doodle designed and pedalled just for her! 125 more words


Mundane Things Make a Runner Happy

About 6 months ago my Garmin’s “run reset” button stopped working. I tried troubleshooting it but short of sending it back to the manufacturer (with an $80 diagnostic fee), there was no way I was going to get it to work. 150 more words

Garmin Delta Sport XC Remote Trainer

Garmin Delta Sport XC Remote Trainer

If you are looking for an affordable remote dog trainer that isn’t a cheap knock-off or a toy — one that has high-end professional features and a long-range, look no further! 557 more words

Remote Trainers

Proactive Bud Nipping Required

Originally posted at Fat Slow Triathlete on 4/24/2015

Four years and counting. That’s how long I have been on my journey, and the one thing that has become clearer with each passing race, with each passing season, is that there are NO shortcuts. 802 more words


Counting steps is hard

Well, counting them is easy but getting enough is hard work!

The other day I ran 3 km, I rode my bike, and I did a bunch of housework yet when I looked at my Garmin it read a measly 5574 steps. 202 more words


Karen Turner: Running for a reason

Everyone remembers exactly where they were when a momentous, life-changing event rocked their world. For me, it was at my neighbourhood pub sharing a pitcher of beer with my running partner Stella Caughey. 1,002 more words


How to make Garmin 510 work faster?

Lately I noticed my cycling computer Garmin Edge 510 started to work slowly. I’ve been traveling through Google, but actually haven’t found any reasonable advice. 72 more words