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Garmin, you're a useless piece of junk

I have a Garmin edge 1000. The princely sum of £450 for something on the handlebars that has a worse touch screen than a first generation mobile. 115 more words


Rachet's Rundown

This little run down is actually from last week so I apologise for the lack of posting, however I had a lazy weekend and did not run one step. 558 more words


My Running Gear

I’ve been asked a few times, mostly by friends and family, what gear I use when I run. (Not surprisingly, I don’t come from a running family.) So, instead of constantly repeating myself, I’m devoting this post to my running gear. 394 more words


What's in Jana's Pack?!

Being that I (Rachel) am still new into hunting, I’ve found that preparing my pack has given me the most trouble. There are things that I know I need, and also things I “think” I need but probably don’t necessarily have to have. 263 more words

Draft Animals: Living the Pro Cycling Dream

Like countless other kids, Phil Gaimon grew up dreaming of being a professional athlete. But unlike countless other kids, he actually pulled it off. After years of amateur races, hard training, living out of a suitcase, and never taking “no” for an answer, he finally achieved his goal and signed a contract to race professionally on one of the best teams in the world. 75 more words