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Garrett Lisi 2013.03.28

TedX talk by Garrett Lisi on Geometry of Particle Physics

How can it not know what it is?

A few months ago I got caught in a diversion in my practicing mindfulness around existence. The essential difficultly in atheism is that we do not yet have a definite picture of what the universe is. 549 more words



In these two short videos, Garrett Lisi, renegade physicist and surfer, explains the mathematical structure called E8.  It is a Lie Group,  a continuous transformational group.   123 more words


We humans...

We humans are terrible at dealing with probability.

Uncalculated Risk” by Garrett Lisi, pulled from,  “This Will Make you Smarter: 150 New Scientific Concepts to Improve Your Thinking”


Higgs Boson

What Is the Higgs Boson?

The discovery of the Higgs Boson? Garrett Lisi explains

Is it the Higgs Boson? – Sixty Symbols

93 – The Standard Model of Particle Physics… 13 more words


The discovery of the Higgs Boson? Garrett Lisi explains

I meal srsly :> We just proved and explained the making/beginning of everything/multiverse/matter and united all physics? what now :D