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Garter Snake in November

I don’t really expect to see snakes in mid-November. Surely they are all holed-up somewhere, waiting for spring to come.

Last week, however, when I was concluding a successful search for a Great Spreadwing damselfly with fellow odonate enthusiast… 534 more words


Days of the Garter

Honi soit qui mal y pense.
I offer warm accolades to all readers who can (a) translate this sentence accurately, (b) provide its historical background, factual and legendary, and (c) relate it to the title of this blog. 555 more words


Primitive Pottery, Sneaking, and Snakes!

Last Village Day, Raccoon Clan got to work with some clay that I recently harvested from the Green River in Utah. Sometimes, to obtain your own clay, you can extract it from dirt using a… 469 more words

Raccoon Clan

Boot Disc

The soldier in the park was worrisome. Someone with more than half a brain was hunting her. It was time to confront them. Annie locked her bedroom door and sank down to floor. 2,259 more words

Short Stories

Snake Aversion

Why did it have to be snakes? All I wanted to do was pick a few rocks. One of the first that I lifted uncovered a young garter snake, causing a typical startle, despite my awareness of the likelihood of the possibility. 218 more words


The Vale Of Avoca

Saturday Sept. 5th, 2015

In need of a shorter hike this week we set off to visit The Vale Of Avoca.  We investigated the collapsed ruins of an old saw mill, the eastern abutments of an old bridge and a 90 year old example of recycling as we explored a section of Yellow Creek.   1,062 more words

Don River