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Gary Barlow blocks former X Factor finalist Sam Callahan after he shares nude photo of him

Gary Barlow has blocked former X Factor finalist Sam Callahan after he posted nude photos of the Take That star on Twitter.

Gary showed that he’s not afraid to hit the block button if he sees something he doesn’t like and, rather awkwardly, 22-year-old Sam was on the receiving end. 308 more words


Ο Gary Barlow βρήκε τον νέο Robbie Williams!

Ο Gary Barlow ψάχνει αυτήν την περίοδο μέσα από ένα talent show του BBC να βρει πέντε ταλαντούχα αγόρια που θα πρωταγωνιστήσουν σε ένα θεατρικό μιούζικαλ βασισμένο στα τραγούδια των  8 more words


Gary Barlow has a strict ban on who can and can't audition for Let It Shine

Gary Barlow has a set of rules for all of his Let It Shine auditionees.

The BBC aired the talent show Let It Shine for the first time earlier this month, and after the success of The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, Barlow has some big boots to fill, and it turns out that the former Take That star even has special steps in place to make sure that he not only succeeds, but also exceeds his rivals. 541 more words


A Robbie Williams lookalike sang an anti-Take That song on Let It Shine and it was awkward

Gary Barlow had an awkward moment with a Let It Shine contestant who looked a LOT like Robbie Williams.

Dan Budd auditioned for Gary and the judges during the latest episode in the hope of becoming part of Gary’s Take That stage show. 459 more words


BWW Interview: Claire Machin on THE GIRLS

The actress discusses Tim Firth and Gary Barlow’s new musical, opening in the West End later this month.

Read my full BroadwayWorld interview here


BBC accidentally posts rude tweet about 'sh*t' Let It Shine as its bid to promote Radio 2 backfires

The BBC made a cringe-inducing cock-up on Saturday night by reposting a tweet criticising its new show Let It Shine.

Using the joke hashtag #LetItSh*t, viewer @kezzy999’s tweet made it clear she was not a fan of Gary Barlow’s boy band talent contest, a form of torture she did not wish to ‘subject to’. 305 more words


Gary Barlow jokes he finally got a face lift after mystery operation

Gary Barlow set his fans’ tongues wagging on Wednesday when he admitted that on Thursday he would be undergoing a ‘little op’ and then refused to divulge further details. 297 more words