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Gary Beck... Entertainment Industry & Medical Profession

Entertainment Industry

In ancient Rome

the games entertained

rich and poor alike,

the only difference

the rich went home to comfort,

but both equally enjoyed… 383 more words


Poetry by Gary Beck: Apprehension and Sudden Shock


A beautiful spring day
in New York City,
warm, breezy, balmy,
shoppers carrying their treasures,
tourists photoing everything,
workers on lunch break,
a homeless man scrounging cans, 274 more words


Contributor publishes novel

 Call to Valor
A novel by

Gary Beck

For Immediate Release

Call to Valor is a sweeping story of war, love and courage, as determined Americans face the war on terror, in a world of increasing nuclear threats. 298 more words

What I'm Reading: September 28th, 2016

  • (1) Interesting, yet disappointing conversation on race and policing in America between Sam Harris (Philosopher & “Thought Leader”, Hannibal Burrus (my favorite comedian in the business), and Joe Rogan (MMA announcer and commentator, prolific podcaster, comedian)—three individuals who I greatly respect, enjoy, find entertaining, and learn from frequently.
  • 1,070 more words

Gary Beck's Poetry Collection 'Perceptions' Out

Perceptions is a poetry collection that challenges many of our attitudes and values, showing us many of our concerns that grow more troubled in these difficult times. 85 more words


Review of Resonance (Gary Beck)

A Few Hot Air Balloons

It is in poems like “Old Age” where Beck’s disillusionment poetry strikes new blows against the comportment of modern ignorance: 192 more words


Gary Beck... Belated Understanding

Belated Understanding

The sounds of construction

do not reassure the needy

that all is well,

while the rich profit

and the poor do without.

In a dual economy… 211 more words