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Conditioned Response: A poetry book by Gary Beck

Gary Beck is back with yet another collection of poems called ‘Conditioned Response‘. ‘Conditioned Response’ reminds us that we are prepared by family, experience, government to react to the events that affect us in our daily lives, shaping our future, often without our consent. 206 more words


Gary Beck


We rush from day to day
in sickness and health
to work, play, war, death,
and do not enjoy the journey,
too intent on arrivals… 67 more words

Gary Beck's new novel 'Flawed Connections' released

Gary Beck’s new novel ‘Flawed Connections’ is up for grabs. You can check the brief description below before you buy the book.

Four close friends: Ted, son of a former anti-Vietnam war activist; Philippe, son of a French mother and a former South Vietnamese General; Kevin, son of old money parents; and Lys, disowned by her family for being a lesbian, leave Yale to start a computer gaming business.

234 more words
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The March of History by Gary Beck

Long before democracy

mankind dreamed a better life

despite normal oppression

by despots, kings, tsars, chiefs,

consuming their people

in wars, slavery, taxation,

until minimum subsistence… 35 more words


Public Debt by Gary Beck

The sons and daughters

of the oligarchs

should resurrect


stolen by their parents

for personal gain,

exercise of power,

excessive indulgence,

showering their offspring… 31 more words


Street People IV by Gary Beck

An ancient white man,

filthy beard concealing

filthier face,

pulls a child’s red wagon

piled high with treasure

instead of leading a burro

through a ghost town, 35 more words


Street People III by Gary Beck

A middle-aged Hispanic man

down on his luck,

clothing fraying away

from winter assault,

refusing to give in

to harsh conditions

hustles cans for redemption, 39 more words