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Once Bitten, Still S'mitt'en

After studying the political tea leaves in between fits of laughter, I have seen the light. Not that light. The light on the miner’s helmet Mitt Romney is wearing as he tunnels back to political prominence. 520 more words

Gary Conkling

The Overdue Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

Like a majority of Americans, I was pleased – and relieved – by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling today on same-sex marriage. Recognition of the rights of gay people in this most personal issue is long overdue. 630 more words

Gary Conkling

A Grand Old Photo Opp

Dear GOP and Fox News Officials:

Reports indicate you are flummoxed at the growing number of declared Republican presidential candidates, which will make a coherent debate impossible. 554 more words

Gary Conkling

Westwood Dem mayoral nominee Conkling, a mechanic, wants to tune Birkner up in primary

WESTWOOD – Former Westwood Councilman Gary Conkling finds himself at the top of the Democratic ticket going into the June 2 primary against incumbent Westwood Mayor John Birkner Jr.. 595 more words

Bergen County

Westwood mayor's race: Republican Wanner denies being behind Dem primary "coup" against Birkner

WESTWOOD – Former Republican Westwood Mayor Thomas Wanner denied assertions made by Democratic incumbent Mayor John Birkner Jr. that the mayor’s rival in the June 2 Democratic primary was a “puppet” of Wanner, with the former GOP mayor stating that he has had only an advisory role for Birkner’s opponent. 395 more words

Bergen County

Osama the HR Guru

I never would have thought to look to the late Osama bin Laden for job interview tips. I should have.

An acknowledged master of jihad and blowing up things, bin Laden has revealed a certain gift for HR in newly unclassified documents gathered by Navy Seals when they raided his house and killed him. 394 more words

Gary Conkling

Westwood Mayor Birkner ready to fight local Dem "coup", "confident" of victory

WESTWOOD – Westwood Mayor John Birkner Jr. might have been removed from the party line last month, but the Democratic incumbent is ready to fight back in the June primary. 487 more words

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