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Who Owns Our Bodies – and Who Says So?

Think philosophy is dry and esoteric? Think again. Last week’s edition of “Philosophy Talk” on NPR featured a lively, provocative discussion on who really owns our bodies. 656 more words

Gary Conkling

Making Serious News Funny

It would be hard to walk away from a creation that could be your signature shadow. That is what Jon Stewart is doing with The Daily Show, which he shaped into a must-see part of the news landscape. 428 more words

Gary Conkling

The Business of Incessant Meetings

Incessant meetings are the bane of corporate life. They also became the basis for my business plan.

When the time came to leave Tektronix, where I had a dream job as public affairs director, an endless series of meetings translated into my business ace in the hole. 651 more words

Gary Conkling

Stories to Restore Faith in Mankind

People do horrible things to other people, while some people do amazing things for others. Here are two stories, both reported by NPR, that may restore faith in your fellow man. 735 more words

Gary Conkling

Sarah Palin and Tina Fey, Too

You have to hand it to Republicans. They know how to make politics entertaining. And there is no better political entertainer than Sarah Palin.

Appearing at the Freedom Forum in Iowa, Palin hinted she may try for the presidential brass ring in 2016. 506 more words

Gary Conkling

Gambling on Gambling

Who could ask for better news than a food fight pitting private equity investors against hedge fund managers over a chain of banko casinos.

Casino giant Caesar’s Entertainment is in the dumper for more than $18 billion in debts. 528 more words

Gary Conkling