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What The Hell! CL&P Is A Different Company Now??

Apparently CL&P, which is Connecticut Light and Power, is a different company now…

Eversource? Never heard of them, and… the first I heard of it, is when I got a SHUT OFF NOTICE! 15 more words


Win Tickets to See the American Men’s Basketball Championship

Tune in to Craig and Company this week for your chance to win a pair of tickets to EACH session of the American Men’s Basketball Championship! 175 more words


Keeping Up With The Jihadis

Sure, we’re just a bunch of moronic radio personalities, but we’ve managed to find the solution for how to handle the lower-than-dirt terrorists our country captures. 45 more words


Now A NEW Social Network

There’s a new social network taking the net by storm and it’s for people who like to pass gas: Fartbook!

Have a great fart story? Post it. 14 more words


the trauma code via dr. Stephen Daniel

I  am sharing this  information  about the trauma code  because I  use  this code,  and this  method, as I have experienced  considerable trauma  in the  past  2  years. 117 more words

All About EFT

Bumbling Actors Embarrass Themselves at The Oscars

Don’t you just love these actors at The Academy Awards? They get up there, and they start to bumble and fumble and can’t seem to put a sentence together. 117 more words


Gary Craig in Lifetime Television's "Seasons of Love"

Last year I had the chance to work with Gladys Knight and Empire star Taraji P. Henson in Lifetime’s movie ‘Seasons of Love’.

If you didn’t catch the movie when it first ran, check out my scenes!