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The Atheist Faith In Aliens

The difference between me now and the atheist me of yesteryear is that Jesus encountered me in power and demonstrated to me everything that the scriptures claim about him, shattering my confidence trust in naturalism. 1,066 more words

News And Current Affairs

Freedom: The Cost Of Championing Homosexuality

No matter how loud people shout the lie that “it won’t change anything,” there is a cost to subverting the natural design for human sexuality and forcing society to bow to sexuality is plainly unnatural and unhealthy. 1,005 more words


We Must Take Back Our Schools From Big Brother If We Are To Take Our Country Back

As we know in the Communist manifesto there are steps on how to take over a society and what’s way up on the list if not number one on the list is brainwash the youth. 661 more words

The Theonomy Debate - Responding To Jordan Cooper

Today I want to take some time to begin responding to Pastor Jordan Cooper. For those who are unaware, on March 4th, 2015, Cooper released a podcast titled – “ 1,532 more words

Christian Reconstructionism

US Tries to Bully India Into Defense Cooperation Agreement / Sputnik International

How strange! India publicly says it won’t trade with France because they don’t ‘trust’ France’s response to the Mistral deal, and now Obama goes in and tries to bully them. 322 more words


Revelation Symposium

We just added a new video debate in our debate section on the understanding of the book of Revelation. This symposium was put together by American Vision and the debaters are none other than Jim Hamilton (futurist), Gary Demar (Partial Preterist) & Sam Waldron (Idealist)