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Wyoming Trail No. 1101/The Divide Epic Trail

Wyoming Trail No. 1101/The Divide Epic Trail (Steamboat Springs)

  • Attempted 7/20/15
  • 24.8 miles one-way (we made it to Base Camp TH, by my guess 7.75 miles on-way in)
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Mountain Bike

Flashbacks: my first "build"

With progress being extremely slow on both mine and Pieter’s side, I’ve taken it upon myself to flee Taiwan for a while, for a vacation in my native Sweden. 635 more words

MTB Hardware

How I Got My Bike

Dear Friends,

Happy Friday. I just bought a bicycle! Check it out….

I found it on Craigslist. The gentlemen selling it wanted a little more than I was willing to pay. 256 more words

The Fox Trails

Fat Tire Flyer

In October, one of the progenitors of what we now call mountain biking published a book about the history of our sport: Fat Tire Flyer: Repack and the Birth of Mountain Biking… 347 more words

Today I biked

It got above freezing today, which, after weeks of being below freezing, makes 45 degrees feel like 75.

I didn’t even wear gloves this afternoon when riding to the coffee shop on my bicycle. 148 more words


1995 Gary Fisher Tassajara

December 4th 2014

Advertised as ‘Mountain bike’, this 1995 Tassajara was pretty easy to spot hiding among the junk-cluttered small ads. This is the photo from the ad, which described it as a Gerry Fisher (Gary’s brother, perhaps?). 269 more words

Retro Mountain Bike

My Commuter Bicycle

Here is a picture of my commuter bike, an early 2000’s Tassajara. We’ve never really gotten along real well, but it keeps me pedaling. I bought it after that period 97% of all American kids go through and only about 5% ever recover from. 341 more words

Bastard Steed