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Gary Habermas and James Crossley discuss the minimal facts case for the resurrection

James Crossley is my favorite atheist ancient historian, such a straight shooter. He’s on the skeptical left, but he has a no-baloney way of talking that I really like. 1,635 more words


Unbelievable? New Testament listener Q&A - Gary Habermas & James Crossley

Some readers might be interested in a recent podcast on Premier Christian Radio which features a discussion between the American Christian apologist Gary Habermas and the British New Testament scholar James Crossley.  271 more words


Previewing the Minimal Facts Critique of the Resurrection

If Jesus Christ was not raised from the dead, Christians are to be pitied above all people. These are not my words, or even the words of a famous pastor or teacher. 1,219 more words


My Favorite Atheist and Christian Thinkers

I love watching debates, especially on the topics of God and Christianity.  Thankfully, in our Internet age there are hours upon hours of such footage for someone like me to watch. 1,475 more words


Resurrection conquers death (and atheists)

He took part in cordial debates with theists, which included one in 1985 with philosopher and theologian Dr Gary Habermas on the most important reported deed of all, the proposition that Jesus Christ conquered death itself.

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