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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Historical Truth or Heightened Tale?

Did Jesus Christ really rise from the dead?

If the answer is no, then Christianity is proven to be false. As the Apostle Paul puts it, if Jesus did not rise from the dead, then Christians are to be pitied more than any other, as our faith is useless, futile, without foundation, worthless. 789 more words

Craig Hazen

Bible study: Was the resurrection body of Jesus spiritual or physical?

So, everyone from left to right accepts the early creed in 1 Corinthians 15:3-7 being dated to 1-3 years after the death of Jesus, even atheists like Crossley, Ludemann and Crossan. 1,447 more words


Gary Habermas and James Crossley discuss the minimal facts case for the resurrection

James Crossley is my favorite atheist ancient historian, such a straight shooter. He’s on the skeptical left, but he has a no-baloney way of talking that I really like. 1,635 more words


The Minimal Facts Apologetic to Jesus’ Resurrection (short).

This is an article I penned for the Cornerstone Institute newsletter that requires one to work with a word limit of 700 or less. In this way I had to remain very brief in several key areas which would, undermine normal circumstances, require further elaboration. 733 more words

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