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God's Response to Evil and Injustice

God is implacably opposed to evil – and He has a great deal to say about injustice, too.  The prophets, for example, railed against the injustice that they saw in Israel. 727 more words

Pain And Suffering

The Reality of Injustice

In my last (hardly most pleasant) post, I mentioned examples of what I can safely call ‘evil’.

But the sinful nature runs through the entire human race, and so the world systems created in every society are influenced by it too.  639 more words

Pain And Suffering

Justice in a Fallen World

There’s this point that everyone has in their lives, you hear a story, you see a photo, you read a news article.  You discover something horribly brutal has taken place, your soul is disturbed.   772 more words

Books I'm Reading

In March, I gave myself a goal to read two books a month for the rest of the year. It’s now November 1st and I’ve managed to read a total of 22 books this year. 339 more words

A couple of inspiring videos

This is Gary Haugen – he’s a Christian, and he runs an organisation which aims to bring justice to the oppressed. These videos are a powerful reminder of the need for us to walk the walk not just talk the talk of our faith.

God Bless you


Hidden Reason for Poverty

Places where International Justice Mission (IJM)  Serves 

Next week, Pope Francis will come to America.  He is scheduled to talk about the extreme refugee problem and suggest what the  the United States’ part should be in providing for these desperate people fleeing from the horrors of the Middle East. 137 more words

The Locust Effect:

I recently had to write a paper about my first interactions with public interest communications and how it has impacted my life. It started with a book that I randomly picked off from a TED reading list because the title looked interesting; it was called “The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence” by Gary Haugen. 158 more words