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Rethinking... poverty

“All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 7… 184 more words

Ideas Worth Sharing

The importance of anger

Some baristas are sages, masters of coffee and poignant tattoos.

A barista at a cafe I used to frequent had a tattoo with the words “the upside of anger” wildly emblazoned on his forearm. 448 more words

God And Life And Stuff

God's Response to Evil and Injustice

God is implacably opposed to evil – and He has a great deal to say about injustice, too.  The prophets, for example, railed against the injustice that they saw in Israel. 727 more words

Pain And Suffering

The Reality of Injustice

In my last (hardly most pleasant) post, I mentioned examples of what I can safely call ‘evil’.

But the sinful nature runs through the entire human race, and so the world systems created in every society are influenced by it too.  639 more words

Pain And Suffering

Justice in a Fallen World

There’s this point that everyone has in their lives, you hear a story, you see a photo, you read a news article.  You discover something horribly brutal has taken place, your soul is disturbed.   772 more words