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Common Net Spinner (Caddis Nymph)

Seeing as folks who know stuff have said that the Caddis Fly is the ‘”most important” bug in America…Gary LaFontaine.

I figured I’d spend some time looking at pictures and playing around to come up with my own versions of the different life stages. 33 more words

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The Drunken Sailors and Floating Midge Emergers

These are two projects from the last few days. First are the Drunken Sailors as described in LaFontaine’s Legacy. 193 more words

Fly Tying

The Sparkle Pupa

This is a fly that for some reason I haven’t seen tied by many people within the sites I visit. LaFontaine in Caddisflies really goes to great lengths with hours of underwater observation of this fly in action to explain why he believes its so functional. 582 more words

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Caddis Fly Entomology Series Coming Soon

After reading Hatches 2 I was alittle dissapointed that I chose to research Mayflies first. I guess while fishing this summer was too intent on the fish to notice much else, including what they were really doing and eating, that I didn’t see a single mayfly. 128 more words

Fly Fishing