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On Mudbound, Darkest Hour and the Problem with the “Great Man of History"

I love reading popular history. What all this reading has done, aside from reminding me that my feeble mind and body would never have survived in any other era, is solidify that consuming history matters. 7,035 more words


The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) - Review

One of them is a meticulous, by-the-numbers bodyguard with only one failure on his record. The other is a happy-go-lucky, internationally-wanted assassin. Can they learn to work together? 393 more words


Netflix And Review - Lost In Space (1998)


Welcome to the Netflix and Review: where we watch the movies you skip through! Join the Lee, Jason, and Zack this week as they talk about the best 90’s movie about a family lost in the cold vacuum of the void, Lost In Space (1998). 49 more words


Episode 48: Lost in Space

Lost in Space was a movie that the GBBV Crew put on the list of potential episodes early on in the life of the podcast and with the release of the Netflix series Max, James, and Ryan figured what better time than now to actually record it? 72 more words



Léon: The Professional (1994)

When a friend requested that I review Luc Besson’s The Professional, I was overjoyed. That meant that I would need to watch it again. 611 more words


Put the kettle on...

We apologize for the gap in content, we’ve been a bit busy celebrating.

Gary Oldman

Poderoso retrato de Churchill

por Cristina Rojas

Winston Churchill fue Primer Ministro Británico de 1940 a 1945, y de 1951 a 1955. Las dificultades por las que pasó al inicio del primer periodo fueron muy complicadas. 356 more words