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It's A Miracle

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”    …Albert Einstein… 1,486 more words

A Course In Miracles

Shooting at YouTube Campus - Reflection with a Little Girl

Tonight, the neighbor’s daughter asked me how I felt about the shooting at YouTube’s campus in San Bruno, California. I told her that I viewed the shooter’s soul as a lost soul. 296 more words


What goes out from you...

What goes out from you, is always coming back – Gary Zukav


Yêu Là Tha Thứ - To Love is To Forgive? Really?

As someone who speaks English as his second language, I often seek to learn new vocabulary. I have been going a little backwards lately by eliminating words on my vocab list. 742 more words


Turning inward - Q&A with the Soul

I recently decided to end two relationships: a three-year and a short-term long-distance relationship. I don’t know how I feel just yet but I certainly don’t feel pain. 536 more words


Winter's Beauty

Never before have I had spring fever so badly and so early. Probably because, for the most part, we’ve had an incredibly mild winter here in Colorado this year. 108 more words


#15 The Seat of the Soul - Book Review

The 15th book I’m reading, reviewing and resourcing this year is The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. Watch my review of the text below. 118 more words

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