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Women who run with wild wolves РClarissa Pinkola Estés

A return to love – Marianne Williamson

Heart of the soul- Gary zukav

Escape from freedom… 183 more words

Nightowl-ing Randomness

Daily Inspiration

When our actions create discord in another person, we, ourselves, in this lifetime or another, will feel that discord. Likewise, if our actions create harmony and empowerment in another, we also come to feel that harmony and empowerment.” Source: Gary Zukav

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You have the power within you to see the spiritual meaning in everyday experiences. Tap into it.

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Sun/Lilith transit

Transiting sun conjunct natal Lilith.

Translated: patriarchy¬†conflicting with the fiercely independent feminine aspect. Lilith, biblically, was the first wife of Adam. Here is a… 457 more words