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Turning inward - Q&A with the Soul

I recently decided to end two relationships: a three-year and a short-term long-distance relationship. I don’t know how I feel just yet but I certainly don’t feel pain. 536 more words


Winter's Beauty

Never before have I had spring fever so badly and so early. Probably because, for the most part, we’ve had an incredibly mild winter here in Colorado this year. 108 more words


#15 The Seat of the Soul - Book Review

The 15th book I’m reading, reviewing and resourcing this year is The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav. Watch my review of the text below. 118 more words

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Deaths and the Souls - Gary Zukav

Dear all, I am back at writing blogs…mostly for fun. My old blog was Hitchhiker Daydreamer https://hitchhikerdaydreamer.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/bare-as-you-dare/

I am starting a new blog in 2018. 422 more words

Authentic Power | What I Learned from Gary Zukav

Rather than waking up to the incredible Matt Galloway every morning, these days I now listen to an inspiring or motivational podcast or have a TED-ish talk playing in the background as I get ready every morning. 295 more words

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"Earth School"

Spent the last few nights with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis. So grateful for their dedication to the path.

Although Gary has been on Oprah 37 times, he is one of the most humble, vulnerable, and authentic men I have ever met. 727 more words


Comments on Gary Zukav Views on Communities

Gary Zukav asks if you think that Community is a good thing that brings people who are alike together and gives them a shelter, against people who are not in that community, he asks you to think again; Communities do not bring people together, they keep them apart, in which if you are only associating with people like you, people who threaten you the least, you are excluding almost all of the world. 121 more words