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Why Can't You Pump Your Own Gas in New Jersey?

If you spent your teen years in New Jersey and began your life as a driver in the state, you have probably had this experience. Driving out-of-state, usually in neighboring Pennsylvania or New York, you stop for gas. 698 more words

Gasoline And Diesel Mixup Leaves Customers Without Vehicles, With Huge Repair Bills

Gasoline mixups are one of the scarier consumer horror stories out there, since there isn’t much that a motorist can do to prevent or mitigate them. 226 more words

Those Gas Pump "Anti-Skimming" Stickers Are Really Just Pointless Decoration

More than four years ago, a number of gas stations in the U.S. started slapping stickers on gas pump credit card readers in an effort to cut down on illegal card skimmers that steal customers’ payment info. 521 more words

Tips of the Day (1-3)

The Single Most Important Tip I Can Offer You:

Tip #1 – Smile and be Friendly  

Whether you’re doing this alone or in a group, the outside world would much rather see a friendly smile than a non-smiling face. 90 more words


Photo of the Day - 11/4/15 ("Toot-An-Kum-In", 1925)

Daily Photo — “Toot-An-Kum-In, 1925”

Use the photos posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of a photo analysis… 54 more words


Bein' Young and In Charge...Kind Of

Okay, so my title might be a bit misleading on several levels. I am by no means in charge. I am actually on the bottom of the working ladder, again. 638 more words

Where are your gas savings going? Try nearest Tim Hortons drive-thru

Noticed longer lineups at Tim Hortons drive-thrus lately? A likely cause for the lengthier wait times is lower gas prices, according to experts.

As seasoned Canadian commuters can attest, a propensity to reside close to fuel stations has encouraged plenty of “quick” trips through a Tim Hortons drive-thru, even when pump prices were well north of a $1/litre. 316 more words