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Workin' The Gas Station Scene

I can remember it like it was yesterday…

I don the black smock with my khaki skinny jeans and black hi top Converses. I grab my name tag that said “Lacy” and put it into the giant pockets that the smocks provided for me. 422 more words

Rule #92: Dripping gas pumps

There’s only one thing I like about pumping gas. The smell. I love the smell of gasoline. Is it just me or does everyone like it? 227 more words


The Man in the Top Hat: aka Gas Station Encounters #972:

Followed my friend to her house in the rain.
Got lost.
Phone died.
Needed gas.
Ended up by the airport at an intersection with no less than 4 gas stations. 344 more words


As New Jersey Preps For Storms, Residents Concerned With Getting Around

UNION COUNTY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — As New Jersey prepares for a torrential Hurricane Joaquin hitting the Tri-State, many in the state are worried about getting around in the air and on the ground. 270 more words


VIDEO: Do NOT Set Spiders On Fire... At The Gas Station


A man in Michigan saw a spider. On his gas tank. While he was filling up at the gas station.

What would you do if you were in this situation? 103 more words


Another recycled gas station

Here’s another old gas station with a new purpose.  It’s in Bloomfield, CT, and it’s a restaurant called The Filling Station.  For my full collection of recycled gas stations from across the country, go here.

Road Trip

Cloudy Glass

Yesterday, I received an unexpected phone call that I was expecting, and the origin of when and where I met the person on the other end of the phone was classic. 497 more words