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Federal Devolution

Reason Magazine suggests the solution to the collapsing Federal Highway Trust Fund is to “devolve” highway construction to the states.


I totally agree. I especially agree about states getting out from one-size-fits-all federal mandates. 115 more words


Interest Group Suggests Raising Gas Tax To Improve Chicago Area Roads

CHICAGO (CBS) — With Houston about to overtake Chicago as the third most populous city in the nation, a local planning expert has offered some bold ideas for putting the boom back in the local economy. 314 more words


Joel Wood: It's time to raise the gas tax

During the federal election campaign, promises have recently been made about federal funding for infrastructure projects. However, there is a feasible funding option readily available to the Ontario government to help fund their planned investment in transportation infrastructure: Higher gasoline taxes. 729 more words

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Study: Minnesota One Of Least Tax-Friendly States

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A new analysis of taxes in the U.S. finds Minnesota is one of the least tax friendly states.

Business finance publisher Kiplinger puts together a study to help people who are considering moving to another state. 47 more words


North Bay Lawmaker Says Gov. Brown's Highway Funding Plan Will Be A Tough Sell In Legislature

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — Most California motorists can agree on one thing: that our roads need to be fixed.

As for how to pay for those repairs — with a backlog amounting to an estimated $59 billion — that’s subject to debate, a debate that will be coming to a head this week in the state legislature. 227 more words


Cali GOP says no to fixing roads...

California drivers would pay $65 a year in a new highway user fee plus higher taxes at the gas pump under a $3.6 billion plan Gov. 74 more words

Sacramento Update

10 States Where Taxes Are Going Up

Some states, still facing tight budgets after years of recession and slow recovery, are turning to tax increases to make up for the shortfalls. In some states, you’ll soon pay more for Gucci bags and other luxury goods. 1,031 more words