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Deflation: The high cost of falling prices | The Economist

Okay, I have to admit this is a convoluted and difficult to read, but once you get past the jargon, you can see the price drop in things like oil have actually had a negative effect on the economy. 1,220 more words


Iowa's 10 cent gas tax effective Sunday

Throughout the last six months Iowans have seen gas prices drop to as low as $1.75 a gallon.

Lately, they’ve been rising and tomorrow they’ll jump ten cents because of a tax increase signed by Governor Terry Branstad last week. 291 more words





PART FOUR:    A closer look at Isaiah Chapter 54

In part three, of the past three parts of: ‘Trails, Tribulations and Patience’ I used as an illustration the results of denying the ‘Power of God’ (i.e. 926 more words

Why ethanol is bad for your power equipment

Dave Broadt at TPC Power Center in Bloomsburg explains why ethanol in your gasoline can be bad for your power equipment’s engines. 17 more words

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Number of times I had to buy gas in February: 0

I love my car.

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butterfly kisses

The first flutter was felt just below my right breast. It felt like a small bubble was stuck there and then a faint electric current of sorts running through you.That was on 8 Feb. 380 more words