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Exothermic fun

Fueling my get up and go

Just need a small spark


What is a solid?

Simply, a solid is something that is not a gas or a liquid! Examples of some solids are bones, ice, mountains, earth! Examples of some stuff that are not solids are air, water, and jupiter! 126 more words

What is liquid??

Have you ever wondered what is liquid? What is soda made out of? What is juice made out of?? What is water made out of??? Well today I will tell you a quick summery of what liquid is! 45 more words

The evolution of gas reciprocating engines 

Experts say reciprocating gas engines can respond faster to load changes than any other prime mover, can compete with small gas turbine systems and also help fill in an efficient way the gap left by the lack of energy storage in most grid systems, as… 744 more words


Authorities: Small Gas Leak at Factoryville Home

FACTORYVILLE —¬†According to police residents of 154 College Avenue reported smelling gas.

When authorities arrived they found a small leak coming from the pipe leading back into the residence. 42 more words