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Cup no Fuchiko's "little sister" Gurimi-chan is all kinds of awkward...

It’s no secret that here at RocketNews24 we are pretty big fans of vending machine toys. One the few capsule toys that’s broken out of the vending machine is  263 more words



♫ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♫

Everybody sleeps
Everybody sleeps
Every night we close our eyes
Until the morning creeps

♫ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♫

Yep. That song from Sesame Street plays in my head while taking this picture… and it’s making me sleepy too. 36 more words


Day/Jour 5

This day was really short, we woke up again really late but hopefully we didn’t planned on doing a lot since they announced rain in the afternoon… We then gave up on going to the monkeys park and went to Nijojo. 632 more words


M1GO Chibi 4" Titanosaurus Vinyls! BOTH SOLD!!!

These adorable little M1 Chibi Titanosaurus vinyls are as cute as it gets. One is a glowie, the other is a bright shade of Mac’N’Cheese.


Seller: Jon @ UnCanny

Godzilla Series

Gashapon Tuesday: A Lot Less Scary than Last Week

We won’t speak about the gashapon that occurred last week, we’ll just carry on with this week’s gashapon.

On the surface, this gashapon seems to be a cloth of some sort. 157 more words

Gashapon Tuesday: Uncovering the most Peculiar Gashapon in Mijikayo's History

On the surface this fuchsia capsule appears as an innocent ball. Little do I realize that I am uncovering the most peculiar gashapon that I have ever witness. 342 more words

Rare 1995 Ultra Battle Zone Playset!

Box has a few rips and tape but not all that bad, board is in good shape but some stickers are peeling on the board. All accessories, manual, Jiras/Ultraman included. 16 more words

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