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Gaslighting é uma técnica de manipulação emocional que, feita repetidas vezes, faz com que a pessoa duvide de si mesma. É muito comum em relacionamentos abusivos – aliás, abuso emocional é muito mais comum do que imaginamos. 348 more words


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Dear Flying Monkeys

Dear Flying Monkeys:

The next time,

you (and Rubber Ducky),

decide to bathe,

please do your scrub-a-dub extra well,

because the Narcissist’s

repulsive B.S

you fling around, 62 more words

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Pathological Narcissists are nothing without their flying monkeys to spread gossip!

The Gaslighter Pack

I’ve written three posts addressing gaslighting and Donald Trump. As far as I can tell, the lies and manipulations of Trump, his surrogates, and his campaign amount to gaslighting. 82 more words

Donald Trump

Trump's Birtherism as Gaslighting

On Friday 16 September Donald J. Trump held a press conference to give a tour of his new DC hotel, introduce some veterans that supported him, announce his acceptance of President Obama’s citizenship, lead camera people on a wild goose chase of a tour of his DC hotel, and really piss off the media! 1,599 more words

Donald Trump


Maybe it was me
The whole time

Not knowing


Working for something

I didn’t really want
Maybe you were the challenge

You told me I was… 145 more words