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"I Can Change You!" Said The Narcissist..

I happened to think of the strangest thing recently…

All my life, I’ve known I never wanted to have kids.  Also all my life, this has bothered my mother tremendously.   666 more words

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A Light in the Dark

London post World War I in 1920. The culture and actions of the lower echelon of the city are illuminated in Mark Dawson’s Gaslight.

Harry Costello works as a gaslight attendant after he comes back from fighting in the war. 224 more words

Book Review

What is Steampunk, anyway?

Perhaps you’ve seen them at a local science fiction convention such as Comic Con: people dressed in Victorian-era garb but with strange implements of wondrous science that would have never worked in the real world. 479 more words


Book Review: The Buried Life by Carrie Patel

The city of Recoletta is an artifact of the Catastrophe. Like the bomb shelters that saved humanity after the Catastrophe, most of the city is built underground, and most of its residents rarely see the surface. 692 more words

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Dealing with people who talk at you

Here’s a mindset for this situation.

We all know people who are not really interested in an even conversation. In fact it is not a conversation. 526 more words


Gaslight - blind speed sketching

I felt like I was getting into the swing of this sketching real people malarkey so when I went to the local theatre tonight and ended up having most of the back row all to myself I thought “Ah ha, the actors can’t even see me, I’ll be able to do some quick sketches in the dark with no fear of being caught” and with no seats behind me there wasn’t even anyone to look over my shoulder. 106 more words