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It's Their Fault!

Here we go again. I’m like a moth drawn to a flame with Trump-ish-ness.

So, Trump’s latest gaffe is firing FBI director- Comey, as well as potential evidence of obstructing investigations (Trump/Russia) etc. 215 more words

Politics And Social Events

Healing, Letting Go, Moving On Pt.1: Words

Looking back on my marriage, as I do often these days, I knew I had the words for it back then. I knew exactly how I felt. 665 more words


Traits of toxic people and PUA/'game' gaslighting

” They focus on problems, not solutions.”
e.g. Critical theory and being ‘unhelpful’ for…?
“They use other people to accomplish whatever their goal happens to be.” 1,046 more words

Author Interview: E. A. Hennessy.

As a writer, E.A. Hennessy tends to focus on two main things: exploring the personalities and relationships of her characters, and sending them on exciting adventures. 946 more words


Whatever Happened to Mary Jane?

In SUDDEN FEAR, Joan Crawford stars as Mary Jane Hudson, a name with odd resonances (she’d later play Blanche Hudson opposite Bette Davis as Baby Jane). 440 more words


The Gaslight Effect

I’m not sure how I got this book in the first place. We hadn’t been married two months and shit had hit the fan. I felt like I had made the biggest mistake in my life marrying this person…it was the biggest mistake I made… A lot of my thinking had to do with the 12 steps and I began to look at what my role in everything was. 238 more words