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No Rest for the Wicked - Teaser 32

We’re getting close to the end of my No Rest for the Wicked teaser posts. There is only on per chapter, which means just a few weeks to go! 174 more words


No Rest for the Wicked - Teaser #30

I don’t usually introduce my teasers, but I wanted to tell a little story about this one. I wrote No Rest for the Wicked during NaNoWriMo2016. 450 more words


Are you in a Gaslighting relationship? How to tell the signs.

Gaslighting‘ is a phrase I had never heard of before, but it took my counsellor to mention it to me to make me realise that at one point in my life I was in a gaslighting relationship. 1,313 more words


No Rest for the Wicked - Teaser #29

“I am on a case right this moment, I’ll have you know. And, no. What Pru studies and what I have gotten wrapped up in is nothing alike. 169 more words


A Year of Fear, but I'm Still Here

Today I am reflecting on what life has been like 12 months after the fate of a Trump presidency was sealed. The whole of 2016 moved at breakneck speed. 1,025 more words


Gaslight (1940)

Here we have a British film so good that when MGM decided to remake it for a U.S audience four years later they attempted to destroy all existing prints so that they could trumpet their movie as the only screen version of Patrick Hamilton’s play. 601 more words

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A Gaslight In The Dark

With a smile and a wink, the control is taken. That is how most people come to see manipulation, years after it started. Small gestures and actions that encompass their whole life. 909 more words