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Book Review: The Buried Life by Carrie Patel

The city of Recoletta is an artifact of the Catastrophe. Like the bomb shelters that saved humanity after the Catastrophe, most of the city is built underground, and most of its residents rarely see the surface. 692 more words

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Dealing with people who talk at you

Here’s a mindset for this situation.

We all know people who are not really interested in an even conversation. In fact it is not a conversation. 526 more words


Gaslight - blind speed sketching

I felt like I was getting into the swing of this sketching real people malarkey so when I went to the local theatre tonight and ended up having most of the back row all to myself I thought “Ah ha, the actors can’t even see me, I’ll be able to do some quick sketches in the dark with no fear of being caught” and with no seats behind me there wasn’t even anyone to look over my shoulder. 106 more words


A Tale of Two Red Herrings

You had two excuses…and only two. Safety and God. And you used them to exact control…intimidate…use. Have you no shame?

Safety. Ah, the government’s favorite reason for everything they do. 94 more words

Review: Gaslight by Progress Theatre

‘Gaslighting’ is a term used by health professionals to refer to emotional abuse within a relationship.

The term originates from Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 play Gaslight, and it makes for some pretty harrowing viewing. 313 more words

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How he is gaslighting me

The purpose of my blog is to track my journey to independence, free from an unhappy marriage to an alcoholic, passive-aggressive and very controlling husband. During my years of marriage I lost all my friends, gave up my career, became financially dependent on my husband and – not amazingly – started having panic attacks for the first time of my life. 512 more words



This Catch Up is written by Telaina Eriksen

Year of Release: 1944

Rating: NR (It’s G/PG but would be creepy for little kids)

Currently Streaming on Netflix? 731 more words