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#metoo Raise Your Hand If You're Sure

Ahh, social media, you’ve done it again… the Harvey Weinstein story has started a hashtag trend, and it’s good, great in fact. I am not surprised at all by the number of women posting #metoo and if you are then, wow, open your eyes. 1,356 more words


Gaslight~by Paul F. Lenzi


“Gaslight” by Anthony Harris

faces fall into collars
heavy with sallow
cast ill-at-ease under
gaunt lamplighter globes
indistinct luminescence
in moist opaque fog

shadows throw their… 67 more words


No Rest for the Wicked - Teaser #26

The ghost chuckled and leaned against the wall. “Got yourself some light fingers, eh kid?”

“I didn’t do it!” the little boy cried. “I swear!” 138 more words


No Rest for the Wicked - Teaser #25

“I figured it out,” Bonnie declared as she slid open the cabin door. George waited patiently in the hall, ready to tidy the room once the ladies left for the dining car. 246 more words


A Day of Classics – Gaslight


The other day, the movie Gaslight with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer caught my attention.  The 1944 film is a classic and a mystery. I love Ingrid, and I think she played her role very well. 190 more words

No Rest for the Wicked - Teaser #24

After he retrieved the loose pages, the sepia-colored Peter puffed up his cheeks and he blew out a low, appreciative whistle. Awe knocked the slur out of his voice as he surveyed the stack of deeds, titles, and other important papers he held in his hands. 144 more words


Would You Stay Here?

I’m sure this is a fine establishment. A lovely bed and breakfast in the historic downtown area of Glendale Arizona.

All the same, I rather not take a chance. 145 more words