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A Letter to My Ex's Girlfriend

Dear B,

I wish I were selfless and brave enough to actually send this letter to you, but I know that getting involved in your relationship will make him take it out on me somehow. 1,064 more words

Daughter Of The Moon

Writing and Sleeping

I have this insatiable need to write. I am compelled and I can’t stop. It’s this deep need in me, this driving force which won’t stop, which can’t stop. 472 more words

Emotional Abuse

...3 Card Monte...

Barr’s March summary was a weapon used by Trump to gaslight the American people.

Later today, William Barr, the US Attorney General, will release a redacted version of the Mueller Report. 770 more words



Today I’m going to see how many people I can compliment :)

On the ability to hate bad parents;

An interesting question came into my mind today.

Do I hate my father? Can I hate my father?

Realistically, it isn’t actually his fault that he’s a narcissist, despite the negative impact that his (always ferociously denied) problems or illnesses have had on our family – and the goddess only knows I’m not okay with the trauma and the damage he has inflicted on my own psyche because of it – but I’m not sure that justifies hatred towards him. 981 more words

Random Thoughts

Kindness - God works in many ways

I had a disagreement with someone a couple of years ago. They appeared quite hard faced, focused, uncompromising.

They left the team and moved on to something else. 45 more words

Kindness. Support at work makes good business sense

I’m tired this morning and I know I have long day at work. I’m fortunate. I work with people who are supportive and want me to succeed. 27 more words