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the Secrets we Keep

When I first started recovering from years of mental and verbal abuse, I loathed talking about it. Who wants to admit they were stupid enough to fall victim to an abuser? 756 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

Today's Word is... GASWHITERS

So there’s a clip from The Daily Show going around, a Roy Wood Jr segment on Boston’s racist reputation.  In the video, Wood goes around asking white Bostonians if they feel Boston’s racist and of course they all responded no only for him to ask black Bostonians and get the real.  670 more words



Hateful. Full of hate. Malicious. It’s a strong word to throw at someone. It’s even stronger when it comes from your family. It’s the word my family uses to describe anyone who expresses anger, hurt, or discontent. 636 more words

Why I Don't have my Kids: Part 1

Why don’t I have my kids? This is the most hurtful, judgmental and yet embarrassing question I often receive.

When people ask  me about my kids, sometimes I make them older than they really are, sometimes I choose not to claim any or one of them.  823 more words



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An orange billboard,

festooned with

strands of yellow straw,

designed to swivel

on a point greased

with rancid lard.

Gaslighter *

He tweets it out at night… 409 more words


Real Friends v.s. Fake Friends: Knowing the Differences

In my 27 years, I’ve had plenty of real friends…and fake ones. I’ve even had friends I thought were real, only to realize they were fake later. 916 more words