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Having a Parent with BPD

Abuse at the hands of a parent with BPD is in many ways one of the most conflicting and dehumanizing types of abuse possible. It’s coming from a shape shifter, who sometimes acts like they love us and other times genuinely seems to hate us, without ever truly seeing us for who we are. 367 more words


To the one I left...

People who find themselves in the entangled vine of a toxic narcissistic family often come between life and death due to a string attached that is hard to let go. 440 more words


Kindness - take time out for elderly people

As I get older the senses seem to numb a little. You lose a sense of connection with the world. Your thinking becomes more profound and you seem to ruminate a lot more. 55 more words

The hard decision

I always find it ironic when the pastors sermon preempt what I need to blog or am going through in my life.

Today I can tell you exactly how the father felt in the story of the prodigal son when he watched his child walk away, not knowing if he will ever return.  425 more words

Shine A Light On Domestic Violence


Watched I’m a celebrity get me out of here. It was so nice to see so many people happy in the jungle. Kind of happiness TV which is unusual to see.

Top 3 ways to gaslight your opponent

We’ve all been in the discussion that gets…serious.  Meaning, you need to know what you’re talking about…or do you?

In debate, there are various techniques which can be applied, whether you are informed or not.  478 more words


This post is about emotional abuse and manipulation. It is about the pain that someone in my life intentionally inflicted on me; consistently, maliciously, and without remorse. 1,151 more words