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Holy heartburn

I have mild GERD (but it feels like extreme burning), and I’ve used Nexium daily to treat it.

Well, in addition to pre-op diet, it’s pre-op medication detox. 43 more words

Wow its been a while

I didn’t realize how long it has been since I posted until I was looking at my records.  I have been going through a lot of travelling, drove from Ontario to BC and back (wen through the USA as well).   290 more words


I think I was addicted to carbs/starches/sweets before this pre-op diet. I’m quite full from breakfast (two hard boiled eggs, 3 pieces bacon, 11 slices of cucumber, a slice of liverwurst (don’t judge!) with a little mayo as a condiment for the eggs – 527 calories. 315 more words

Firsts! (An article of goal clothing and first day of pre-op diet)

Granted, the goal clothing was purchased this weekend, but it’s finally out of the washer after being SOAKED from rain. Saturday, we went to the Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage, AK, to see Jane’s Addiction. 699 more words

Moving Along

Couple weeks now since surgery and I am hanging in there. Going through the stages has been a challenge at times at a blessing at others.My paranoia has kicked in a few times and I ended up in the ER for one of them but turned out that everything was ok and after getting some fluids I was sent home. 687 more words

Have A Plan...step two!

Having a plan is sometimes the ONLY thing that keeps me going on those days that either my body or my mind try to convince me that all I really need to be is lazy.   1,258 more words



Since I start my ketogenic pre-op diet tomorrow (2 weeks til surgery!) I had my husband take my measurements for later comparison.

Neck: 17 inches… 29 more words