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Carbs are Everywhere...

Carbs are evil. They are everywhere. I never realized just how much stuff has MASSIVE amounts of carbs in it!! All the healthy stuff you always hear about…a lot of it is full of carbs, additives and nasty stuff. 186 more words

The Low Carb Life...

The last few days have been very interesting to say the least!

I am really enjoying the low carb life! I have been making some new foods. 43 more words

Three Years Later.

Nearly three years after gastric bypass/rny surgery, you stop counting days, months, and even daily thoughts on being “post-op”.
Your brain shifts, and you make the mental shift on just being. 458 more words

4 Situations After Surgery You Aren't Expecting.

2.5mos -54lbs.

When you are preparing for bariatric surgery the dietitian and nurse talk to you about all of the things that will be different as your body begins to change.   821 more words


Bariatric Surgery: It's A Gas!

Did somebody step on a duck? Maybe it was one of those barking spiders …

Go ahead, laugh it up. Everybody’s a comedian. But one of the things they don’t tell you about in Bariatric Class – the dirty, little secret, so to speak – is the gas. 648 more words

Bariatric Surgery

Day 1 of Low Carb...

So let me rehash real quick…I finally had my consultation with the bariatric surgeon yesterday! He recommended I go for the sleeve gastrectomy instead of the bypass. 188 more words


This morning was my appointment with my bariatric surgeon!!! I was so neervous, and when I got back there I felt like a moron stumbling over my words! 285 more words