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My 600-Pound Fascination

If you haven’t seen “My 600-Pound Life,” you’re missing out. Each episode follows a morbidly obese individual. It shows their daily life. A lot of them are literally bedridden. 295 more words

That's Just My Opinion

You CAN sit with us

Why hello there, lovelies.

So last Friday I went to a training in the City. I had to take the train. You ask anyone who I openly complain about things to, and they will tell you, I hate riding the train. 448 more words


Post Op Day 56 (8 week stats)

Eight weeks!!

In honor of that — 8 things:

  1. Thing #1 obviously has to be my weight this week. I lost 7 pounds. I am over the moon about it and so thrilled that I met and exceed my first mini-goal (which was to lose 50 pounds).
  2. 539 more words

Frakenbelly fake it, to make it.

Well, I can’t believe I haven’t wrote a blog since December of last year. So much has happened and still I need tons of patience to wait for more help and answers. 877 more words

Nearing 6 Months Post-Op

How has my life changed?

Well, we’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!  Food, which used to be comfort, now exists solely for nourishment.  Some days I have to force myself to eat, some days I have to remind myself that I have eaten enough. 312 more words




I spend a lot of time talking about the things I never expected would come of surgery. Those little things that make me feel so blessed and happy. 491 more words


Proteinaholic, A Bariatric Patient's Confessions

I, like most bariatric patients I presume, was advised by my bariatric surgery center, to consume a high protein diet following my gastric bypass. Initially this was difficult for me. 3,181 more words