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Re-set OVER

I woke up this morning to some serious-I mean serious-hunger pains. Too many days of just liquids…I believe my pouch re-set is officially over. I have not had the energy to run since Monday and I really need to train. 441 more words

Gastric Sleeve

100 Pounds GONE

Yup.  First mega goal COMPLETE.  After a two week stall, I finally hit 100.3 pounds loss this morning.  *whew*  It’s been a rough two weeks on that scale up and down with stubborn ounces.   911 more words


Amanda's Orange Salad

In my quest for new foods to add to my low carb life I found an old favorite that I wasn’t aware would fit in my diet. 196 more words


So I started on mostly full liquid diet yesterday.  My surgery is just 6 short days away.  3 Protein drinks a day and one small meal in the evening is what the nutritionist told me to do for this week.   351 more words

Bariatric Surgery

Official Z Girl

Whenever a woman has surgery with Dr. Zavalza, a meme is posted in our online support group saying “congratulations, you’re a Z girl now.” My surgery was yesterday and when I woke up from my drug indused sleep, the mug above was sitting on my night stand with some goodies. 328 more words

Gastric Sleeve

Not Hiding

So I come to you all a little vulnerable tonight. Whatever my reasons, which are in no way shape or form good ones, my eating habits lately have fallen off a cliff. 256 more words

Gastric Sleeve

Weigh in Week 10

Ok sorry about the slack updates!  I’m currently entering into my 11th week of being sleeved and my weigh in was this morning.

Down to 89.4kgs so down 14.2kgs total loss now. 451 more words