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Today I uploaded my first attempt at creating a short video to YouTube.  This captures my transformation in about 60 seconds, thanks to iMovie and my new Mac.

Integrative Health Coach

March 27, 2016

Yesterday – Day before Surgery

I was okay most of the day but I tried avoiding thoughts of the surgery completely to avoid getting nervous or scared. 102 more words


Feeling Good about Feeling Bad

I have been feeling so bad about my food choices and lack of exercise, I have really been down on myself. Michelle/rny4me commented on my last post and said “So you are super close to goal!” I stopped and thought about that. 314 more words

Gastric Sleeve

3 More Days

Hello Beautiful People,

What feels like a lifetime of trying to lose weight, years of contemplating whether I should have weight loss surgery, not able to get it when I originally wanted because my previous employer did not cover it, 4 months of logged weight loss, 4 months with the nutritionist, psychiatrist, recommendation letter from my primary care physician, an endoscopy and daily back and forth of which surgery to have… I am 3 days away! 139 more words


Girl, where have you been?

True story. I have been no where.  A girl has been no where. A girl has been no where doing nothing but obsessing over Game of Thrones.   656 more words

Gastric Sleeve

Almost There

I can’t believe it’s May and my Gastric Sleeve is 8 days away. I just came from the pre-admissions testing and was asked if I am an organ donor and whether I have a medical proxy. 56 more words

Weight Loss

What happens in Vegas...

Last weekend I took a much anticipated all-girls trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. That’s right. I packed my bags, kissed my husband and children goodbye, and ran off to Sin City with the mom-squad. 1,862 more words

Gastric Sleeve