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How Much Can I Eat After Gastric Sleeve and what is the forbidden Food for Me?

The commonest question asked by people after taking gastric sleeve is the question about how much can i eat after gastric sleeve. That is also the most important question to be proposed because the question can be connected too into the last touch of the process of reducing the obesity through this way. 948 more words

Gastric Sleeve

VSG Day 6

So I’m six days in now (really it’s only 5 as I was done in the late arvo on the Monday)  and kind of finding my liquid groove (if you could call it that).   649 more words

Happy Thanksgiving 

There are so many things I am thankful for right now, I’m not even sure I could list them all here. It all sums up to God Is Good and I am humbled by His love! 97 more words


Family Travel

We survived!

We’ve been planning a multi-generational trip to Disneyland for well over a year.  We tend to go every three years and it’s a lot with grandparents, kiddos and the sandwich generation in tow.   351 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

Holy Scale Batman!

At least, that’s what I said this morning when I jumped on the scale! 7 lbs?! In one day?! Is that even possible? I mean I’ve dropped 3 lbs a day for 4 consecutive days before (post surgery)… I’ve been holding steady at 198 for several days…. 241 more words


Thank You For Being a Friend...

I’ve never really sat down and really thought about what I’m thankful for but I read another person’s blog today and her blog was about being thankful for her followers and having that community of people who truly understand what she’s going through. 771 more words


Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well. Today, I want to talk about something that is a byproduct of this surgery I wasn’t expecting. 333 more words