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Let's Get Ready to...

All systems are a go for the husband! He had his final appointment with the surgeon this morning; they went over all of the paperwork, the results of all the tests, etc. 317 more words

Weight Loss

6 days pre-op

I have one more day of work and then I am off until my surgery. I hope I can lose a few more pounds before the surgery, because I lost 10 so far but haven’t lost any weight in a few days. 315 more words

Pre-Surgical Testing

This morning I went for pre-surgical testing at the hospital. I realized as I was driving there that it is the hospital I was born in, and the thought had not occurred to me beforehand. 179 more words

Smaller things...

So one day well before I had my surgery, I was sitting on the Throne of Knowledge aka the toilet when it hit me. I will have to replace every piece of clothing that I own. 224 more words


A Weight Loss Journey

Accomplishments are in the eye of the beholder. What is significant to one person, may not make any sense to the next. I have to say that one of my most recent and significant accomplishments is my weight loss. 941 more words

Weekend Whirlwind

What an insanely busy weekend this was! Don’t worry, though. It was filled mostly with time spent with friends! Let me update you on what all went on. 751 more words

Bariatric Surgery

Surgery day!!!!!!

The day is here! Gowned up and ready to go! Catch you on the flip side!!!

Sparkle Sparkle!!!

Weight Loss