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managing pre-op expectations

I have the unfortunate habit of projecting everything far further into the future than necessary. I’m an overthinker. I’m an over-planner. I may reside in the present, but the future is my domain. 460 more words

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hello, liquids

For all of my excitement in my last post over a “last hoorah”, my farewell to solid foods was not at all what I expected it to be. 741 more words

Bariatric Surgery

How to survive your 1st post-surgery Thanksgiving.

If you’re like most Americans, you typically picture a magnificent feast when you think about Thanksgiving. A table full of friends and family, each expressing thanks for the years bounty…and the mound of deliciousness that’s piled on their plates! 592 more words

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Moving on Down the Road

Happy Monday everyone! What are you looking forward to this week?

Last Monday was an eventful day! At 7:30am, my dear friend Dustin picked me up to take me to my final required doctor’s appointment before my surgery is scheduled. 576 more words

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goodbye, solids

This weekend, as I am preparing to begin my pre-surgical diet, I’m reminded of the episode of Rocko’s Modern Life in which Rocko decides to give his appendix one last hoorah before undergoing an appendectomy. 460 more words

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For most of  my life, I have found myself at varying degrees of fatness. There was the cute, innocuous-enough baby-fat period that we all seem to go through-– that milk-fat, pudgy-cheeked, rolly-thighed stage that we universally find adorable. 1,119 more words

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Today, I F-d Up. 

Well, yesterday and today. Yesterday, I was so engrossed in decorating the Christmas tree that I completley forgot about the WLS orientation. 6:30 came around, and so did my memory that I was suppossed to be somewhere. 79 more words

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