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Two Days From Zero, Time to Move Forward

Well, the last blog that I did was about me getting nervous, and how I was getting scared of the unknown. As of the day of the surgery, my worries were founded. 654 more words


12 Weeks Post Surgery

I hit a milestone this week by getting under 200 pounds!  I do not recall that I have weighed under that mark since high school so I am pretty excited about it and hope that I don’t go up again over that marker. 909 more words



Saw another doctor about the pain. He seemed angry at me from the moment I walked in. The entire visit I was battling a panic attack and couldn’t stop crying. 251 more words

Weight Loss

3 Days To Go

I had to be early into work yesterday. I got up at three and had to be to work at four. I’m not going to lie, I hate getting up that early, but I do what must be done. 613 more words

Weight Loss Journey

11 Weeks Post Surgery

I really go back and forth a lot on the idea of buying new clothes.  I expect to lose more weight, so I do not want to invest in a new wardrobe yet but I also want to look good now – it is vain of me, I know, but I want to show off my new body (to an extent).  1,548 more words


6 Days to Sundown

I’m  remaining vigilant about the liquid diet, and it’s not completely easy. Since I had my protein shake at three-thirty this morning, by seven, I was starting to feel a bit shaky. 285 more words

Weight Loss Journey

8 Days and A Week To Go

I’ve been doing this for about a week and I don’t think I need to keep telling you that I’m on my solid liquid diet, and how good that I’m doing, instead I think I want to focus on the other factors that are going on with myself, both physically and mentally. 197 more words

Weight Loss Journey