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You Think I Cheated?

To those who think I cheated by having Gastric Sleeve,

First, you’re an ass…. and here’s my response to you.

Is going to Weight Watchers cheating? 159 more words


Galipo Restaurant in Tosmur

We have been to Galipo Restaurant many times before, and the food is always good. But this time it was different, because they serve really big portions of food, and I cannot deal with that after my gastric sleeve surgery. 86 more words


My Decision to Have Gastric Sleeve Surgery

This will be the first time I’ve openly talked about my recent gastric sleeve surgery past the three or four people that have known about it since the beginning.   672 more words

Bariatric Surgery

Hey, Keto Breath!

This is Day 6, post operation.

Today I woke up a bit dehydrated despite setting record highs for each of the past three days in water consumption. 507 more words


Shower Day!

Today is day 3, post operation: Shower Day.

I haven’t taken a good shower since 5am on surgery day, per doctor’s orders. I don’t think smell bad but I FEEL like stale urine and bed sweat. 194 more words


Almost time!!

I haven’t posted much on here lately!

I am down to just a few days left. Three to be exact. Three more days and a handful of hours and I will be in surgery making a HUGE change in my life. 65 more words

Gastric Sleeve

Bariatric Surgery

Types of Bariatric Surgery

Our doctors offer several types of bariatric surgery. There are two main types of surgery. One type is a restrictive surgery that reduces how much food your stomach can hold. 211 more words

Bypass Surgery