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Book Review: MFK Fisher's "The Gastronomical Me"

In The Gastronomical Me, MFK Fisher explains that food is more than just the sustenance we eat to survive. It is more than the flour and eggs that make that perfect baguette or the milk and salt that was used in the creamy butter slathered on top. 812 more words

A Little Inspiration for my Fellow Food Writers

Hello friends,

This week I had one of my not so pleasant feelings; the sinking ones about unquenchable desires to write beautifully about food, and to articulate just how important food is to our lives. 494 more words


Play-doh for Grown-Ups

Yesterday  was my first attempt at making 3D figures with fondant and gumpaste. I joined a baking class yesterday afternoon and for almost 5 hours we were demonstrated (more like rushed) to make some 3D figures using fondant and gumpaste. 303 more words

Food Porn

I recently joined vimeo and came across this video made by a really talented couple from tiger in a jar.

 I have no idea how a beet cake tastes like but someday I’m going to blow flour on my (expensive Canon L) lens, slice a butter as graceful as a swan and wish I could make videos as amazing as this. 7 more words

Melt-in-your-mouth Cebu Mangoes

I was craving for mangoes this morning and asked one of the maids to buy a kilo right outside Gaisano Grand Mall (which is a stone’s throw away from our house). 187 more words


On Food Writing

Before you ask, no this isn’t a photo of me, it’s the daughter of a family friend, picking Asian pears in the orchard.

“People ask me: Why do you write about food, and eating and drinking? 295 more words


With Bold Knife + Fork by M.F.K. Fisher.

I took a shameful amount of time getting around to reading M.F.K. Fisher‘s works, but once I did I realized I had encountered an authoritative force in food and in writing.  365 more words