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It was an unusually hot summer in Denmark this year but as usual I was struggling with my equipment in the lab all through summer. I use a scanning tunneling microscope to ‘image’ molecules on a surface. 412 more words


Economy Long Haul - SWISS

All good things come to an end. so it was time to get back home. This time with Swiss International Airlines from Boston to Zurich. and it was quite surprising… 123 more words


Edinburgh (Edin-bur-oh)

I initially thought I’d be exploring Edinburgh upon my arrival, but with all of the flight delays and changes I headed straight for the farm instead. 750 more words

Ο τζίτζικας και ο μέρμηγκας... στο πιάτο

Η φωτογραφία είναι του αγαπημένου μου μαθητή και νυν μάγειρα:

François Jouenne-Peyrat

Ένα από τα αγαπημένα μου παραμύθια από μικρή, δεν ήταν άλλο από το γνωστό μύθο του Αισώπου, «Ο τζίτζικας και ο μέρμηγκας». 127 more words

Culinary Issues

2º Concurso Arros de la Valldigna, A truly International Event!

Monday 10 September saw the second edition of this competition and the start of the season for Paella ‘concursos’ here in Valencia. This weekend Sueca hosts the International competition for ‘Paella Valencia’, the true paella of the whole Valencian Community. 1,062 more words


on being pig headed

WARNING: Look away now vegetarians!

Some people think that meat-eaters should have to either hunt their own food or watch animals being slaughtered in order to pass some sort of “carnivore test”. 46 more words