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Do Gates Lower Crime?

The effectiveness of gates and fencing depends on the management controls that are in place and the type of property. Fencing and gates works well on a stable home with non-criminal residents. 29 more words

Day One Hundred Forty Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The harvest in the west is done. Ours is still days away from completion.

Kip said that the west end leaders will likely approach us when they are finished with an offer to use their machines. 83 more words

Diary Of The End Of The World

Logic gates

The functioning principles of a tube diode reason rely on biasing of the tube diode and offer of current to switch the diode between two states. 315 more words


Child Gateways Are They Essential?

Baby gates are much like our regular house checkpoint reduced to a range scaled for a child or a child. They avoid or secure your infant from dropping or from conference other injuries. 433 more words


Install Automatic Gates to Enjoy Privacy Safety and Comfort #gateopener

People are progressively becoming more self-reliant in their own homes to save money. A big cause for concern is security and privacy. Between the two factors, many homeowners are feeling more proactive by installing their own home security systems. 26 more words

ALBUM REVIEW: 'Parallel Lives' by Gates´╗┐

In most genres and subgenres, there tends to be one label that acts as a hub where the cream of each scene’s crop is represented. With pop-punk, that label is Pure Noise Records, featuring amongst its roster such genre figureheads as State Champs and The Story So Far. 759 more words