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Nighttime Adventure on the Lake

Last night, while most people were getting in bed, Snails2Whales was just getting ready for a nighttime wildlife-watching trip on a lake. At night, turtles, gators, and even fish can be spotted with a headlight from a canoe. 291 more words


Hay Surfing

We have two farm dogs, Jackson and Butler. They are brothers from the same litter, but are very different from each other.

Butler is quiet, reserved and doesn’t like to get his feet wet. 111 more words


Gator got home.

Old trees, old grandpa’s, and old gators. A lot in common.

Weathered much strife, gnarled appearance, dependent on the kindness of others – and just want a quiet place in the sun. 255 more words


Texas Gal Rustles "Godzilla Gator" (WNCX Morning Show)

Don’t send a man to do a dental hygienist’s job, which apparently includes rounding up mammoth gators from parking lots. Slats has more on the epic battle between woman and beast. 6 more words