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Late Summer Catch Up 

Its been an eventful two weeks here. For starters, Morten got his Gator up and running so I could use it to go back and fourth between the gardencenter and the pasture. 419 more words

The stigma in being single.

Something I’ve noticed lately, that I hadn’t taken that much notice of before, is the stigma attached to being ‘single’. Whether it be the look of pity that comes over someone’s eyes as they find out you’re without a partner or whether it’s expectation that if you’re on your own your partner must have come to the party on their own. 481 more words


My animal spirit: the gator

If every child must discover their spirit animal when comingp of age then I believe mine is the alligator..

Why. My father was a sportswriter. He and my mother went to Super Bowl III in Miami FLA when I was about twelve. 160 more words

The Novel

Do you see me? Part II

Do you see me? If not, you’ll get bit…yummy!


Do you see me?

Do you see me? If not, you’ll get bit.


Kliebert's is the Absolute Best Alligator Farm in New Orleans!

All of you know how addicted my lovely wife Aubrey is to catching animals so we had to find the absolute best alligator farm in New Orleans to indulge her. 462 more words