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The best preseason happy talk

… is the preseason happy talk that comes from the mouths of Georgia’s rivals.

Those Gators are gonna be awesome this year, I tells ‘ya.  7 more words

Gators, Gators...

Even moar gap

David Wunderlich shows what a deep, deep hole Dan Mullen has to climb out of on the recruiting front here.

I estimated that UF might have a class with as many as 22 or 23 recruits next year.

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The new recruiting sheriff's in town, part two

I’m certainly no recruiting guru, just a blogger who tries to makes sense of bigger picture stuff and trends on some occasions.  That being said, it pleases me when I find some validation out there from folks who do follow recruiting more thoroughly than I do. 852 more words

Georgia Football

Sounds like a plan, man.

I speculated a couple of weeks ago that one likely approach athletic directors might take in a future when financial growth began to top out would be to adopt a professional approach to their fan base.  414 more words

It's Just Bidness

The cherry on top of the signing day sundae

Man, what a day Kirby had!  He rakes in what may turn out to be Georgia’s greatest recruiting class of the last three decades, fills out the last two openings on his coaching staff… 202 more words

Georgia Football

Momma, don't let your baby grow up to be a Gata.

If you haven’t seen the now infamous Jacob Copeland hat ceremony, where mom walked out after he put a Florida cap on…

Jacob Copeland commits to Florida.

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Gators, Gators...