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Musical quarterbacks

Man, this is something.

Transfer quarterbacks are nothing new for Florida, which has seen six of its own quarterbacks transfer since 2010 and had signal-callers Luke Del Rio and Austin Appleby transfer in to the program.

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What a waste

To the astonishment of absolutely no one, “Antonio Callaway has been offered a deal by the State Attorney’s Office that would see his misdemeanor marijuana possession charge dropped if he pleads guilty to misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia” 236 more words

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One more thing about the newest Gator

This poses the perfect nightmare scenario, if you’re a Georgia fan.

… He does give UF more options under center, though. And with more options, there’s a greater chance that the problems Gators have had at quarterback basically since Tim Tebow left will finally be solved.

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Going to Zaire

Let’s not forget there’s an immediate beneficiary to the SEC’s new graduate transfer rule.  Former Notre Dame quarterback Malik Zaire is headed to Gainesville.

In some quarters, this is breathlessly hailed, not simply as the key to Florida’s third straight divisional title, but as… 514 more words

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It's no fun being the butt of a joke.

I read Jim McElwain’s righteously indignant reaction to the faux shark-humping incident and this, naturally, was the first thing that came to mind.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it sure seems like amused mockery would be a better way to defuse the matter.

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Wednesday morning buffet

I haven’t served up one of these in a while.  Hope I still know what I’m doing.

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"Do you really care about Antonio Callaway?"

Boy, this is some article about the pros and cons of suspending the Florida player in the wake of being cited for marijuana possession.  I laughed; I cried. 91 more words

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