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City Slicker Bias

Culture changes gradually because new experiences shape and sharpen our perspective on how to move forward.  So it is with language, and organizational culture.  To uncover the etymology of words is to discover how these words first populated our vocabulary, and to understand the subjective experience of how we choose to interpret these words today. 463 more words

Comment perdre d'avance ceux et celles qu'on cherche à convaincre

La «gauche» passe souvent son temps à discipliner et humilier les prolétaires (e.g. se moquer de leur «ignorance», de leur «mauvais français», de leur manque de décorum, etc.). 118 more words


Tacky Early 2000s

I was trying to look office-appropriate today, and found an old tacky early 2000s skirt.

This is the result:

Do you think it’s about time I bought new tights? 80 more words


Hawk Painting

I forgot to post this after Christmas, mostly because it was a gift and I didn’t want my Aunt to see it. Here I was testing out my Gauche paint I have had since early college. 82 more words

studio sale

it gets to a certain time of the year when the cupboard starts to moan from indigestion. this is what happens when you feed it too many artworks. 53 more words