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Super Sentai Review: LupinRanger VS PatRanger Episode 31

“The Gangler Who Surrendered”

The LupinRangers with Noel are fighting a giant Porderman and a Golan right off the bat. In the meantime, a Gangler was being chased by Pordermen on the other side. 651 more words

Super Sentai

A Constant Dramaturgical Experiment: Drawing the Circle With Ultra Beauty

“It’s infectious! Recorded music!” Luke Reddick positively blooms with enthusiasm when they speak; this notion of a song’s malleability in the studio seems to dance just out of their reach, and Madeline Joey Rose looks on with a sly smile. 3,784 more words


Main-Gauches of Glimmer

Typically used in combination with a Rapier for the benefit of parrying attacks.



Attack Type:
Physical (+Elemental if Enchanted)

1 Handed

Required Strength: 120 more words

The World Of Glimmer

What. The. Hell?

I had been hearing about this survivalist community that somebody was developing in a town near us, but I didn’t really grasp the scope of it. 142 more words

Learning To Paint Landscapes

Hi there, how are you?

This week I have been attempting to paint landscapes. I’m using a Schoolism course, they’re an on-line course mainly teaching drawing and digital art but they have a few traditional courses too. 391 more words


World Record

A concept illustration of the world record for the most milkshake dispensed through the nose.

A lot of bits didn’t go as planned with this one. 82 more words

Art 219: Illustration

Les étalons purs-sangs sont herbivores.. Hein !?! Oui. Végétariens. Les taureaux aussi.

Il serait dommage qu’avec leurs blagues idiotes sur les régimes alimentaires et sur les végétariens, plusieurs réseaux alternatifs “pas-à-gauche”, et “pas-politiquement-corrects”, deviennent à leur tour, sans trop s’en apercevoir, aussi infantiles et ignares que peut l’être la “gauche délirante” qu’ils dénoncent avec raison.. 435 more words

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