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Horse riding has become my most healing hobby

Sitting down to write this post made me wince with pain. No, this blog isn’t that much of a chore… I’ve been horse riding for the first time in months and, although my body hurts like hell, my mind feels calmer than ever. 674 more words


Day 2 - Gaucho Trip

My first night in a hostel was HORRENDOUS. I can laugh now, but it has taken me until this evening to see the funny side. It consisted of drunk louts falling on me, dropping things on my head, falling down ladders, fart sounds and proceeding bouquets, unflattering and quite frankly scarring sex moans and sound effects. 266 more words

A Break

I took a short break from the bullwhip to make a leash for my dog. I came out to about 45 inches long and is an 8 strand round gaucho braid with a 4 strand flat braid for the handle and Michael Walker knots for the transitions. 21 more words


A week in Tastebud Heaven

What a week to be in Dubai…If you are on a diet or only like salads, this was probably the worst week ever.  Today marks the last day of the Dubai Restaurants week and my Fitbit is now telling me “Great, you enjoyed it now get your backside in gear”. 165 more words

The enlightened Gaucho

Once upon a time lived a gaucho in the Pampas. His name was Julio. He was happily married to his wife Julia. They had one son Julito. 175 more words


Falling Off The Wagon

Hi everyone!

I’m very much aware I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon and have neglected my writing and dedication to the blog. Rest assured, there is a good reason for this and my love of writing and sharing my thoughts with you all has definitely not faded. 279 more words

#30DaysHealthyChallenge – Day 3

Happy Valentine’s Day lovely people! The day of luuuuurve and copious amounts of chocolate, but I managed to stay strong :)

Here’s my update:

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