Seven Quality Tools for Quality engineer

This seven basic quality tools, which can assist an organization for problem solving and process improvements. Learn this awesome skill Free Here.

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Simple free project idea for mechanical engineering students

GaugeHow is designed for mechanical engineers by the intern student like you. We offer free valuable short term courses in mechanical engineering.

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Download Free E-book of Coordinates Measuring Machine

CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine) is an advanced measurement machine works for measure complex and large component.
It is a device for measuring the physical characteristics of an object. 88 more words


Do I have to know Numerical analysis?

As a student, a question popped in my mind as soon as I heard about Numerical Analysis. What is so special about this field of mathematics and how is it different? 303 more words


30+ Measuring Instruments for Mechanical Engineer

Here is 50 Measuring instruments for mechanical engineer. Every Mechanical Engineering student or employ should know about this.

01. Vernier Caliper

Vernier Caliper is a widely used linear measurement instrument with a least count of 0.02 mm. 1,738 more words


Are you Mechanical Engineer? Learn Vernier Caliper and Micrometer First

Vernier caliper and Micrometer both are widely used in industries for daily quality control. Both are simple to use and easy for measurement.

Vernier Caliper and Micrometer both are available in Digital form. 448 more words


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Demonstrate this Uncommon skills in your resume/CV

Today almost every Manufacturing Industries prefer CMM for quality checks of their product.

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