What is CMM? and types of Coordinate Measuring Machine.

What is CMM ?

The full form of CMM is Coordinate Measuring Machine. It is an advanced measurement machine works for measure complex and large component. 280 more words


How to level Surface table by spirit Level?

Spirit Level is a device which is used to check the level of surfaces especially surface tables.

A spirit level is a basic bubble instrument such like It is an angular measuring device in which the bubble always moves to the highest point of a glass vial mounted top surface on Spirit Level. 164 more words


Vernier Caliper vs Micrometer | Basics of Vernier Caliper and Micrometer

Vernier caliper and Micrometer both are widely used in industries for daily quality control. Both are simple to use and easy for measurement.

Vernier Caliper and Micrometer both are available in Digital form. 454 more words


Basics of universal length measuring machine

Universal Measuring Machine is easy to use and could be employed for measuring multiple dimensions of objects or instruments.

UMM(Universal Measuring Machine) consists of a rigid bed called Universal Measuring Table which is flow-table or can be fixed according to requirement. 306 more words


Basics of CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine)

What is CMM?

CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine) is an advanced measurement machine works for measure complex and large component. CMM is a device for measuring the physical characteristics of an object. 233 more words


Basics of Gear Metrology

Gears are transmitted power and motion in industries and machines, mainly used for torque multiplication.

Gear also increase or decrease the speed of any system. 368 more words


Feeler gauge| Types of Feeler gauge| Use of Feeler Gauge| Size of feeler gauge

What is feeler gauge?

A Feeler gauge is used to measure the clearance between two parallel flat faces for example piston and cylinder. As the name suggests, feeler gauge called as to measure neither tide nor freely. 320 more words