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Playing as king "Gaul" Week 1

So you want to play as a king ?
Alright let’s go into it.

As king you obtain Resources from both fields, missions and your governors. 117 more words
Travian Kingdoms

What did the Romans ever do ...?

Well for the Gauls in and around Orange (which of course wasn’t called Orange at the time, it’s ancient name was Arusio) in the first century CE, the Romans built a triumphal arch to celebrate their own brave soldiers who conquered the Gauls. 123 more words


Karakter vs Posisi Kerja

Saya kembali berpikir tentang hubungan karakter dengan penempatan posisi suatu kerjaan.

Kadangkala atau seringkali kedua hal tersebut saling berkaitan ya.

Saya salut banget melihat orang yang bekerja di balik pool counter bisa sangat bersahabat dengan para pendatang, bahkan jadi bisa banyak bahasa. 103 more words

Heart's Speaking

Follow the garnets

by Michelle Ziegler

Staffordshire hoard

7th Century Saxon Pendant found in King’s Field, Faversham, Kent

The Milton Brooch

Cross of the Trumpington ‘princess’, c. 650-680… 822 more words


Gallisch-Römische Geschichte in Burgund - Gallo-Roman history in Burgundy

Am Ort einer der bedeutendsten Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Gallien und dem Römischen Reich befindet sich der MuseoParc Alesia. Hier läßt sich auf auch für Kinder angenehme Art ein Teil der Gallisch-Römischen Geschichte studieren. 74 more words


The Gallic Rooster of France

Many nations are represented by the symbol of an animal. Normally, they choose one whose characteristics reflect those of the country: The United Kingdom chose the brave lion and the United States claims the majestic bald eagle. 912 more words

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