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Tips Agar Tidak Kudet & Tetap Update

Halooo… Selama ini terkadang kita di bingungkan oleh istilah-istilah baru yang sering muncul. Entah di media elektronik ataupun di media cetak. Di sosial media apalagi. 363 more words

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Primitive Christianity and the Celts

As far as archeologists can determine, the Celtic peoples originated near the Danube River and spread east, south and west from there. Today, the only identifiable Celtic populations are found in France (Brittany) and the British Isles (Ireland, Scotland and Wales). 456 more words


Pagan Parenting: Valentine's Day vs. Lupercalia - What's a Druid Mama to Do?

My husband and I shared our first date on Valentine’s Day about a decade ago. It was a few days after my third boyfriend broke up with me – following a Valentine’s Day dance, of all things. 607 more words



The carnyx was a type of war trumpet used by the peoples known in the ancient Mediterranean as Gauls or Celts. You can see a few depicted at the far right on this panel of the Gundestrup cauldron, which was made in Thrace but ended up in Denmark. 63 more words


Heboh Guru SD Jadi Beken Gara-gara Ajari Murid Salam Gaul

Seorang guru Sekolah Dasar di North Carolina, Amerika Serikat mendadak menjadi tenar lantaran gaya salaman nyentrik yang ia ajarkan kepada para muridnya.

Berbeda dari kebanyakan, guru kelas lima SD yang diketahui bernama Barry White Jr itu setiap hari menyalami satu per satu muridnya, sebelum masuk ke dalam kelas dengan cara yang tak biasa. 94 more words


Saint Hilary of Potiers

Besides  the scriptures,  we remember the saints in our daily liturgy. They’re our companions on the journey of life, revealing  the wisdom of God from age to age.   520 more words


Sri Lanka Trip

An enviable coastline, warm sunshine, a seafood lover’s den, a cultural sanctuary and people proud and prudent for Sri Lanka truly is no longer a communal battlefield, but a tourist friendly destination whose natural beauty and rich heritage preserved over many centuries is now accessible to the world… 1,632 more words