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Gaul Killing Himself

Gaul killing himself and his wife. Roman copy of a statue from Pergamum from the third century BC. The original was carried off from Pergamum to Rome by Emperor Nero and used to decorate a hall in the Golden House. 8 more words



The Battle of Alesia was one of the major game changers in ancient history, and led to the Roman conquest of Gaul.

Julius Caesar had been elected a Consul of Rome and was governor of Gaul for an unprecedented five years. 225 more words


Sebenarnya Kayak Gitu

Kita terbentuk dari lingkungan yang membina kita, bahkan diri kita sedikit banyak adalah produk dari apa yang selama ini terjadi kepada kita. Salah satu yang gak bisa lepas dari pengaruh lingkungan kita adalah bahasa. 538 more words

Wednesday Wander - Pont Du Gard, France

This rather splendid aqueduct is the Pont Du Gard, a Unesco World Heritage site located in France. Pont Du Gard is about 2000 years old, built by the Romans when they were occupying what was then Gaul, to channel water from a spring at Ucetia (now Uzes) to the city of Nemausus (modern Nimes). 246 more words

Wednesday Wander

28/4/2016 - Campus Martius [Day 3]

Palazzo Altemps, which illustrates well the aristocratic Renaissance phenomenon of collecting antiquities, is composed vastly of the former Ludovisi collection. This collection comprises of infamous pieces such as the ‘Galatian Suicide’, a Roman copy of a Hellenistic bronze. 20 more words

Who Are All These People and Where did Come From?

I assume I am not the only one who is completely baffled by the chaotic mess of invasions leading into the Dark Ages.  I believe that some of the confusion lies in the fact that Germanic tribes, and other early groups, tend to be mentioned as loose collectives in regards to the Fall of Rome or the rise of the Middle Ages.  1,155 more words

Fall Of Rome


Minggu, 27 Maret 2016 Kami (saya, Lisa, Yoyo, Hana, Monik, Niken, Bimo (mas supir+pacar) pergi ke kota Semarang hanya dengan mengandalkan petunjuk jalan saja karena kami belum pernah ada yang pergi ke Semarang, tetapi kami nekat untuk pergi ke semarang dengan mengandalkan map, sesampainya disana pun saat kami mau ke tempat wisata kami juga mengandalkan petunjuk jalan dan juga bertanya kepada orang-orang sekitar sana. 804 more words