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XMage Gauntlet August 2015

“A group of decks that are expected in a metagame, or top decks to playtest against.”

— MTGSalvation definition of Gauntlet

This is the first of a monthly series where I provide an all-in-one download containing decks in 

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Cosplay Craft Foam Tutorial - Bullet (BlazBlue)

With the shop rebranding out of the way, I can focus on getting one of my older deviantArt tutorials here onto the blog. I promised a cosplay update last time, so here you go! 124 more words


Gothic gauntlets to fend off the cold

I have a cold. A cold is a cold – I feel generally run down, my nose is stuffy, and my throat is a bit raw, but the worst of it is that most of the time I can’t seem to get warm. 265 more words

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Boho Cottage Chic Gauntlets

I found the idea for these miniature lace-up gauntlets in a tee-shirt up cycling guidebook. It’s okay to use fashion as inspiration for your own fashion ^.^ See how they turned out? 49 more words


Able To Cable Hat and Gauntlets- Free Pattern Friday

We are starting to get down to the wire with our gift knitting, and we thought that you might appreciate it if this edition of… 210 more words