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Clamshell gauntlets, part 2

Here are the final steps I took to make my gauntlets. So far we have patterned, cut, formed, stained and wax hardened the heavy leather. We then riveted and sewed the pieces together to form the gauntlets. 289 more words


Clamshell gauntlets, post 1

Greetings all!

I am attempting to make a set of gauntlets for myself so I can begin to learn spear and possibly polearm.  I requested a pattern from a friend who had a set that seemed easy and reduced the size by about 20% because my hands are much smaller.  530 more words


Cosplay Turotial: Nightwing Gauntlets

So my Cosplay is going a little slow, but I thought I could post an update on parts of it, so here is a simple tutorial about how to make Nightwing or Batman Gauntlets. 261 more words


When Cooking is just Science with Food

Desolation: noun, the state of being for a humour blogger when life delivers nothing but unfunny moments.

Yeah, yeah, I can feel the sympathy from the blogosphere rising as you read this. 814 more words

Life And Family


The very first thing I did when I got my gauntlet kit from RKD (Red Krayt Dragon) off the forums was to cut off the top from this triangular shaped piece.   414 more words



I thought I could use the 3″ PVC pipe to form gauntlets like this guy made in this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K05IPr4SZbc  but my arms are too big and 3″ doesn’t cut it.   118 more words


XMage Gauntlet September 2015

“A group of decks that are expected in a metagame, or top decks to playtest against.”

— MTGSalvation definition of Gauntlet

Contains over 200 popular and competitive decks in Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, Historic Standard, Tiny Leaders, and Commander.

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Magic: The Gathering