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glimpses of periyar tiger reserve

The beautiful Periyar Tiger reserve is located in Kerala. The nearest airport is Kochi which itself is a beautiful place to be in. A short visit to this tiger reserve, yet so many memories for me to carry forward. 46 more words


The Dung King

What goes around comes around.

A Gaur had grazed grass along River Denwa meadows, early noon it had browsed a few shrubs before rest, later it nibbled a few Indian Ebony fruits in the evening and decided to spend the night near the grasslands where elephant rides take place. 404 more words


Tea and Gaur

The gaur drifts through the field with an expression of bovine content. 116 more words


Littered with Bison, literally

It is afternoon and we are driving from Kisli to Kanha. As we are about to reach Kanha camp complex in middle of the forest, we see a herd of Indian bison, which is also called gaur. 739 more words


Are Nitai And Krishna Equal In Potency?An easy to understand discussion.

It is inconceivable to understand how Nitai is the topmost God and topmost devotee simultaneously. When we perceive someone as the topmost God we are not able to perceive Him as the topmost devotee. 917 more words


Either Nitai Or Nothing!

“Svayam-rupa Krishnachandra does not give those whose hearts are polluted the power to realize His Gaura pastimes, which are meant for instructing all. Without the mercy of Sri Nityananda no one has the qualification to serve Sri Gaurasundara, to understand Him, or to attain love of Krsna.” (Source: Shrila Bhaktisiddhant Prabhupad’s commentary on CB 3.2.114) 526 more words

Nitai Bhakti

Doyal Nitai - The Life of Shrivas Pandit’s House

One of the hundred names of Gauranga Mahaprabhu, written by Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, is ‘shrinivas-griha-dhana’, which means, the treasure of Shrila Shrivas Thakura’s home. It is true indeed. 514 more words

Nitai Bhakti