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A Business Plan - Why And The Easy Way

Keeping the trend alive of at least four to five posts a week. I got something new today, to discuss.

I have been hearing a lot of people, who have some amazing ideas and sort of  “possess” the ability to execute them well. 402 more words

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Did you meet your inner Entrepreneur today?

Delhi’s weather is going awesome to even more amazing. It’s almost the end of February and the temperature is still hovering around 10 degrees to 25 degrees centigrade. 626 more words

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Are you lost? Don't worry, Everyone is a Born Salesman

As promised. I am back, with a new post. Not sure, if it’s going to justify your hunger for more information or insight, but i actually wanted to cover this area, for a while now. 592 more words

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5 points to consider before making a successful sales pitch

When i first started with the whole “sales” thing. I wasn’t really sure, if this is what i wanted to do?

A lot of people have a certain preconceived notions about what they are going to do, in terms of justifying their respective career choices? 632 more words

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Sales: A number vs Value Game

I often face questions and dilemmas  from my colleagues, peers and other professionals who are active in the area of core end-to-end  sales and lead generation. 556 more words

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Enterprises - Social Demand Generation or not?

Being  jobless has it’s own pros and cons.

If you carefully review the entire situation, it’s like two faces on a coin. Having said that, i recently got the chance to appeared for an Interview at one of the most reputed and “one of a kind” software giants in the World. 734 more words

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Important Update

Orite, Its been a hell sort’a time for me as am “trying” real hard to keep up with all my projects at the same time. 112 more words

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