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Week 24

Settings: Stock photo

Set up. Following a tutorial in “Photoshop Creative” issue 127

Opinion. I’ve come to realise that not only are many of the tutorials in this publication not possible on Photoshop Elements but even the ones which supposedly are or, have Element alternative procedures, are frequently not that simple to follow. 196 more words

Project 52

Final Image and Reflection

This is the final selected image featuring a blurred background image which fades out at the edge, revealing only colour areas and no detail of the original appropriated photograph of the Prime Minister, David Cameron from his social media Twitter account. 341 more words

-Gaussian Blur, Chapter 1 Short Review/Reaction And Thoughts- -(Manga)- -Mark's Blog-

Before I even start, let me just say that, I’m really glad I’m rereading Gaussian Blur and hopefully you guys read it as well. -Mark… 383 more words


In response to the low resolution of the base photograph, I decided to play with the concept of the base image by blurring out the back image to a blur of shape and colour with few distinguishing features which would subsequently be defined by the drawing trace upon it. 551 more words

Food for Thought

Food. Food. Foooooood….

In this case, dessert. Dessert. Desssseerrrrttt….

Already just thinking about it my mouth is watering! But just between you and I, dessert is for stuffing in your mouth, not photographing. 430 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

This week Michelle asks us to “… find beauty in a blur.” You may remember the original image, Palette Wall, which I submitted to Cheri’s  22 more words


Further techniques/ smoothing skin

Following from a technique demonstrated in class I have trialed its features in an image of my own.

People techniques are not my strongest suit, it is always an area of development and I cannot really judge my own progress. 192 more words

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