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Down we Go!

Baboons (Papio cynocephalus) when safely ensconced up a tree always seem to take flight and desert the tree when even slightly threatened during the day. 227 more words


Image enhancement (3) : Noise suppression

Noise suppression may be one of the most relevant realms of image enhancement. There are all kinds of noise, and even digital photographs are not immune to it. 302 more words

Image Processing

Faking snow in Photoshop Elements

To superimpose falling snow on a scene in Photoshop Elements is fairly straight forward. However, I don’t think the effect works equally well on all images. 337 more words

Photoshop Elements

Blurring the Background

If you are a student of Photoshop you will love this technique as I did.

Bryan Peterson is doing some Photo Critique videos, and some are interesting, and some, like this one – down right enlightening.   301 more words

Photo Musings

Photoshop (image correction)

In Photoshop we were taught how to use different tools , specifically the patch tool and Gaussian blur tool to “de-age” Morgan Freeman.

To use the non-destructive method, we created a masked layer so we could correct our mistakes if we made them, and patched Morgan Freeman by masking the wrinkles and spots on his face, here’s my version. 20 more words