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Shader Showcase ~ WGD Lightning Talk

Every now and then, and definitely not when we could find any other speakers to come in, WGD holds Lightning Talks. Any member is free to come along and opine for a few minutes about whatever game-related topic they please. 1,762 more words


The State of our Site

Hello, as I’m sure most of you visiting for anything other than King Golf are becoming more aware; most all of the chapters for our other series are down. 286 more words

Gaussian Blur

Self-Portrait Project

When I started to work on this project, I decided to layer the first three images on top of each other in order to create an interesting effect for my self-portrait. 180 more words

Experimenting with photoshop 

After we created the destructive and non destructive edits of morgan freeman, we were allowed to create crazy versions of him. I created Morgan windu and Emperor freeman. 30 more words

Unit 4, 34 And 72 - Game Treatment And Expo Poster

Down we Go!

Baboons (Papio cynocephalus) when safely ensconced up a tree always seem to take flight and desert the tree when even slightly threatened during the day. 227 more words