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MTH LA EXP01 2-D Linear transformations with matrices

TOPICS / SKILLS:  2-D geometries, 2×2 matrix transformations, reflections, rotations, shear, dilation.

SUMMARY:  We are familiar with a number of geometric transformations, take some time to work out what 2×2 matrices can be used to effect the same transformations linearly. 127 more words


Normal Coordinate in Gaussian

To get the normal coordinates of a given molecule a frequency calculation is needed. 351 more words

Kimia Komputasi

Taking input from camera

Today I am trying to get input from default camera, with OpenCV.

OpenCV hasa great library called “videoio” which can handle video input/output from filesystem or imaging devices. 307 more words


random.h is a header only random number generation library for games, image processing and procedural content generation.

A few years back I wrote some handy floating point random number generation routines for a raytracer.  342 more words

Sufficient Statistics

1. The situation

Assume again we are given random variables all of which are randomly sampled from a distribution with the pdf and . Furthermore assume we have two statisticians and where can observe the values of and can only observe the value of a certain statistic . 394 more words


CS294 Lecture 12: ARV Analysis

In which we begin the analysis of the ARV rounding algorithm

We want to prove

Lemma 1 (ARV Main Lemma) Let be a negative-type metric over a set such that the points are contained in a unit ball and have constant average distance, that is, …

1,246 more words

Comparing Apples to Apples

How big is the biggest apple you could buy from your favorite supermarket? Surprisingly enough, you can actually give a reasonable answer just buying a bag of apples. 251 more words

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