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How to get a small waist

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Genesis 1:3

Light is a continuous thread that weaves its way through the tapestry of God’s word to us, the Bible. 259 more words


My thought on "Five statistical things I wished I had been taught 20 years ago"

Several years ago Ewan Birney post a very informative blog where he lists five statistical things that is important but sometimes been neglected by Biologists. Here is his point: 1,098 more words


Expectation-Maximization in action (and some Python code)

As already said in a previous post about Expectation-Maximization algorithm, the problem is to guess the distribution parameters that eventually generated mixed observations.
The two sources are assumed to be two Gaussian distributions… 591 more words


e-day Post: Gauss' Amazing Misadventure

Note: In the desire of covering more than fundamentals on this blog, this post is geared to those who have at least vague familiarity with Calculus. 970 more words

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qischuque Jan 2015

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

Penutup January 2015 bersama BRIF girls

Alhamdulillah… tamat sudah January 2015.. So many things cross over me this month..nice and ugly..

Firstly, My Gaussian calculation on potential energy surface scanning (PES) always crashing down… Until today, it still crashing over and over again…. 610 more words


Gesture Recognition - Implementing Hand Detection

The hand detection phase involved three stages, apply a threshold to the image to reduce the amount of information which is processed and remove redundant data, convert the resultant frame to a binary image and finally perform… 1,880 more words

Gesture Recognition