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The Gaussian and Spherical Volume

In this post, we will explore a few ways to derive the volume of the unit dimensional sphere in .

Let’s begin with an important question: What is the value of the following integral: 385 more words

Python: Predictive Distribution of the Least Square Estimate

If you want to see the code with syntax highlighting, download the gits for this post from my github.

In the  previous post, we looked at the numerical calculation of the maximum likelihood estimate (MLE). 1,377 more words



Tutorial ini bertujuan untuk memberikan bagaimana bagaimana citra ditampilkan dalam bentuk penajaman citra. Kita dapat melakuan kontrol terhadap penajaman citra multispektral melalui lima opsi pilihan yang berbeda pada dialog box… 394 more words


All-NBA Predict #21 - Classifying All-NBA Players (Part III - Quadratic Discriminant Analysis)

Last post, we reviewed a few different topics

  • Gaussian distribution
  • Multivariate gaussian distribution
  • Linear discriminant analysis

We left off feeling a bit unsatisfied with LDA because were were getting 92% / 69% accuracy in prediction for all-NBA players and non all-NBA players respectively. 1,073 more words


On multivariate Gaussian


Formula for multivariate gaussian distribution

Formula of univariate gaussian distribution


  • There is normality constant in both equations
  • Σ being a positive definite ensure quadratic bowl is downwards…
  • 176 more words

Dealing with Spin Contamination

Most organic chemistry deals with closed shell calculations, but every once in a while you want to calculate carbenes, free radicals or radical transition states coming from a homolytic bond break, which means your structure is now open shell. 440 more words

Computational Chemistry