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Project name: ‘Gavagai’ (gah-va-gai)


Gavagai , meaning ‘rabbit’ in the unknown Arunta language refers to the problem of indeterminacy of reference in language as famously explained by analytic philosopher W.V Quine [1]. 508 more words


"The biggest challenge with Big Data is to stop focusing on Big Data"

Every second, a huge and every increasing amount of data is published on the web. Gavagai, a Twingly Data client based in Stockholm, has developed a Technology to read, aggregate and understand this content.  1,185 more words


Follow the Data podcast, episode 1: Gavagai! Gavagai!

We have made available the first episode of the Follow the Data podcast! Hope you enjoy it.

Podcast link: Follow The Data | Episode 1 – Gavagai! 791 more words


A way to make sentiment analysis work

Just like words have different meanings depending on context, the positive or negative charge of an expression depends on the belief system of the audience. The Swedish company… 266 more words


Ontological relativity without the rabbit


In his essay (appropriately) titled ‘Ontological Relativity’, Willard Quine introduced the notion that there is no such thing as a fixed, standard ontology, but instead ontology must be relativised, so each individual has one or more ontologies unique to them, and that we use language as a means to (where possible) translate between them.  2,458 more words


Against Standard Ontologies

1 Introduction

It is a truism that lay persons rush in where experts fear to tread. We are too well aware of the many enthusiasts who insist that they have built a perpetual motion machine, that they can square the circle, and so on and so forth. 2,398 more words


Sharing a Form of Life? Section 241

241. “So you are saying that human agreement decides what is true and what is false?”- It is what human beings say that is true and false; and they agree in the language they use.

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