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Piano Man




1. a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits

2. a person devoted to a particular hobby or pastime; fan: a jazz fanatic. 115 more words

Monday's Music

This is my Gavin

Have you guys seen this?

How. Amazing. Is. This.

This is not mine, though. I obviously haven’t bought a m&g for this tour… because I don’t live in US! 499 more words

Gavin DeGraw

The Sexiest Song

Today I’m whole heartedly enjoying our Gavin’s music. So whole heartedly that I decided to ask your opinion on this one. What is the sexiest song of Gavin DeGraw? 981 more words

Gavin DeGraw

Bands to reconsider: Gavin Degraw

I know what you’re thinking, Gavin Degraw is not a band. Well he’s talented enough to be one. Plus his signature hat is too swag. 176 more words


The art of not answering

It wasn’t that long ago when I started wondering the reason for that I don’t know anything really about Gavin DeGraw. Well, I know his name, his looks, his voice, his tour dates… and lots about his thoughts of the things he discusses in the interviews. 636 more words

Gavin DeGraw

That something

There’s just something in Gavin. I have tried my best to describe it, but I can’t let this subject be, because I feel amazed almost every day because of him. 687 more words

Gavin DeGraw