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"If You Throw It Out The leaves Will Grow", last week at Hackney WickEd...

One week on from the opening of that Here East show and everything that went with it over the weekend at Hackney Wicked last week. There’s plenty of conflicted thought, words, turmoil, fractured photos and long pieces in terms of the show and the whole weekend to be… 380 more words


On Sculpture in the City....and my favourite House of Cards 97/100

I love public sculpture. The quality of a city can be judged by its sculpture, I believe. I was once lured to Chicago on the promise of Anish Kapoor’s… 795 more words

Gavin Turk: Who What When Where How & Why

Newport Street Gallery are currently exhibiting Gavin Turk’s artistic work, for the first time since 2002. The quiet atmosphere as I walk in is relaxing, apart from the disturbing cackling noise. 147 more words


The Artist in Me

Being a science nerd, for the most part, I found works of art too complex to my analytical and mathematical mind. I believe that there is an inherent mathematical nature to reality and I am fascinated by this mysterious connection between mathematics and nature. 740 more words


I like coming across odd bits of art around London and this sculpture is certainly that. Its a giant nail stuck in the ground, hidden away opposite the famous landmark that is St Paul’s Cathedral. 27 more words


More folks in galleries

Gallery staff in the Newport Street Gallery, Lambeth, London.

Snapped by Mitch Hicks

Mitch Hicks

Double Video #Interview: David Schroeter and Hugo López Ayuso, RCA


Two talented artists, two young promises.

This is what I thought when I met David Schroeter and Hugo López Ayuso in May last year at their studio at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London.

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