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Losing Your Head at Christmas, Medieval Style

One of my favourite Christmas stories of all time is the late fourteenth-century anonymous poem Gawain and the Green Knightwhich survives now only in a single manuscript filled with charming pictures (see left – aren’t they sweet?) 382 more words

Moving Toward a Print

Above: detail of a coloured-pencil study for Christmas at Camelot

The past couple of weeks have been spent preparing studies and then colour separations for the first in my… 394 more words

Looking At Art

A Gawain and the Green Knight workbook


Work-books are mostly for play. Of course serious stuff gets done in them, too, but all under the general banner of play. So in this little Moleskin book, I’ll make image after image, most of which won’t have any function other than to serve as warm-ups to the main feature, which will be worked out elsewhere in much larger sketch-books. 137 more words


Gawain at Penfold

Centre: Dan Bugg of Penfold Press at the opening of Dark Movements on June 10th.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m about to embark on a long-term project to produce a series of editioned prints on the theme of… 199 more words


Dark Night of the Stone

Dark Night of the Stone

Freezing fingers clutch the silver cup

The thin but faithful horse stands grace

Equine feelings urge Gawain, “Go on”

The mountain stream adds ice; its own… 159 more words

Silent Eye School

Heroes and Homilies (3)

(This third section is an attempt to bring the argument a little more up to date by using three contemporary writers as a means of categorising certain ways of working with old texts, what I call ‘diachronic translation’, i.e. 1,089 more words


Dear Wen XXXI

Dear Wen…

Quite possibly but that wouldn’t be the first church I have been in without really seeing anything. It is odd how these places appear to make a concerted effort to re-present themselves to our consciousness at opportune times… Chalfont, of course is one of those churches which is either locked or if it is open has perpetual attendants…never the easiest of visits at the best of times… what are they afraid we will find I wonder? 242 more words