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Sharing Our Stories Was Supposed to Dispel Our Shame

In the past 13 years, Emily Gould has become an accomplished author — of a memoir and two novels — and feminist book publisher. As she prepares for the April launch of her latest novel, … 402 more words

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Deadspin Dared to Mix Sports and Politics and Paid the Ultimate Price

The emperors of ancient Rome infamously realized that by providing free entertainment in the form of slaves murdering each other, the great masses of Disgruntled Citizens could be transformed into the great masses of Content Citizens. 943 more words


Deadspin Loses Veteran Writer Drew Magary As Website's News Flow Runs Dry - Update

UPDATED with further staff departures: Deadspin, the formerly Gawker-owned sports-website that has become a case study in the management of digital news assets, saw its news flow go dry for nearly 24 hours as writer Drew Magary joined a mass… 818 more words

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Kotaku dying would not be a bad thing

I generally don’t dance on the graves of those who encounter misfortune in their chosen careers, but when that misfortune is self-inflicted, and countless people warned them about keeping their political and social view points out of their reporting then all bets are off. 634 more words


Splinter Shuts Down Digital News Operation As 2020 Election Cycle Revs Up

Splinter, the left-leaning news site that in many respects succeeded Gawker after that digital brand’s legal meltdown, is closing down.

Seven employees who are members of the Gizmodo Media Group’s union were laid off as a result of the move, but they are expected to shift to roles at other sites within the company. 455 more words

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Kensington Effect - Strings 4.6

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Jack and Hal each sat in their own large, padded chairs. Pop-Off, Gawker, and TwoBit sat on one of the elongated couches, set almost parallel to where Jack and Hal were seated. 3,551 more words

Kensington Effect