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Why Can't Female Reporters Stay in the Picture?

The 2002 Robert Evans biopic The Kid Stays In The Picture (based on his memoir) got its title from a line uttered by studio head Daryl Zanuck when Ernest Hemingway, Ava Gardner, and Tyrone Power banded together to tell Zanuck that casting Evans, at the time a suit salesman, in the movie adaptation of… 1,153 more words

Unapologetic Women

Univision Lays Off More than 150 Employees As Woes Mount

Univision Communications has laid off more than 150 employees as it continues to restructure its business.

The new round of layoffs comes on top of 20 layoffs that were announced just last month, which coincided with the news of the early departure of CEO Randy Falco. 250 more words


Ryan Holiday in Seattle with his new book Conspiracy

A week ago, I was scrolling through facebook when I came across a post: Ryan Holiday in Seattle.

I read it three times to make sure and clicked on the map to confirm that I will meet a writer who not only changed my life but made me the man I am. 133 more words


Daily doodle: conspiracies and milestones

Today, I finally submitted my dissertation. What a weight off my shoulders. I feel like Sisyphus – if he actually managed to stop the boulder rolling back down the hill again! 246 more words


Is Hulk Hogan in talks with WWE to return? Rumors are now swirling...

Rumors are swirling around the internets that wrestling legend, Hulk Hogan is in talks with WWE so he can return to the company. In the past, WWE fired Hogan due to all the sex tape controversy and his battle with Gawker, but now that stuff is all over and done with it looks like Hulk and WWE are back on good terms again. 380 more words


In Praise of Conspiracies

During his brief reign as the internet and media’s most controversial troll, there were no shortage of people expressing their outrage about the comments and tactics of Milo Yiannopoulos. 1,205 more words


Hulk Hogan's Gawker Lawsuit Is Becoming A Film (Or Maybe A Television Show)

Hulk Hogan has already starred in a few television shows, from ’90s action time capsulte Thunder In Paradise to the live action parts of the… 339 more words

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