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Democrat bill to ban public expression of Biblical morality passes California assembly

I hate California, and would never live there. I would never pay money to Sacramento Democrats to waste it on their secular, socialist priorities.

California is banning the free speech rights of Christians. 895 more words


Manipulated, or mindful of the God we believe exists?

Imagine with me that in the state where you live there exists a subset of residents who don’t believe in the federal government. They not only reject its laws, they deny it even exists – they’ve never seen it, after all. 516 more words


Ohio parents denied custody of their daughter for not supporting transgenderism

A long, long time ago, I wrote a very long post detailing a secular case against same-sex marriage. One of the reasons was that promoting gay rights would infringe on other basic rights, like the right to free speech and freedom of association. 545 more words


Happy hour

Jesus Christ, been looking at the “add media” and most of my photos,
because i’m a racist,i have a damn cigar on my mouth, so i got to stay clean, hummmmm…. 85 more words

English Literature

Christian couple loses appeal, must pay $135,000 for not affirming same-sex marriage

There’s been an update on the persecution of the Christian bakers from Oregon. They appealed their case to the Oregon Court of Appeals.

The Daily Signal… 589 more words


Are people born gay?

Still keeping up with that Sunday Wednesday posting schedule #thumbs up# Again like with the Keith Thompson videos, this guy’s another interesting unknown to me. I planned on linking to a lot of these guys for a new website I’m going to share with everyone, but after being told I may as well have done that all on a YouTube play list I scrapped the idea ( 193 more words


Spoiled, misbehaving, demanding children

Most of us know that if you don’t discipline a child, if you allow her to do and get whatever she wants, you’ll have a selfish, misbehaving, spoiled brat on your hands. 614 more words