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Common Core and amnesty supporter Jeb Bush adds gay activist to staff

This is from SteveDeace.com.

He writes:

Jeb Bush may be destroying any hope of becoming the GOP standbearer in 2016, but he’s well on his way to throwing one hell of a gay pride parade.

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School chaplain fired for disagreeing with homosexuality

This is from ABC News Australia.

They write:

A Hobart school chaplain has been sacked for re-posting a comment on Facebook that described homosexuality as “not normal”.

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Former NFL-Draftee Michael Sam Bravely Trolls Non-Violent Catholic Church

In a desperate attempt to squeeze every second out of his rapidly expiring 15 minutes of fame, Michael Sam, the non-Catholic, openly gay, and most famous football player to never play with an NFL team, taken in the 7th round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the St Louis Rams with the 249th pick, a mere seven picks before the close of the draft, … 98 more words


What happens when erotic liberty conflicts with religious liberty?

A recent episode of Al Mohler’s the Briefing podcast explains the real issue behind the firing of Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran.

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LGBT Leaders From Some Homophobic Nations Write Letter To President Obama

Gay rights leaders in some of the most antigay countries around the world have joined in writing a letter to President Obama asking him to be more consistent in how he deals with homophobia as a humanitarian world issue. 526 more words

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Can you disagree with homosexuality using your own name and not be fired?

From the Daily Caller.


A fire chief in Atlanta has officially been fired on Tuesday by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed for self-publishing a book, in which he argued that homosexuality was immoral, GA Voice reports.

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Activists For Gay Rights in Uganda Risk Lives To Publish LGBT Magazine

Most African countries are a testament of how much LGBT visibility is needed in them. And Uganda is one of them.

Now, despite risks to the livelihoods of publishers, interviewed subjects, experts, writers and more, the country is getting just what it needs in the form of a courageous gay magazine, … 368 more words

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