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Zo on DOMA!!




1st Amendment


Everyone have the freedom to love.
Tomorrow, June 29 Singapore is standing up for the freedom to love for the 4th time in Singapore. While other country may have gay pride parade, we have Pink Dot, an organisation that organise and event to support the freedom to love, Doesnt matter if you are str8, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gay… we should have the freedom to love!



The president has signed a declaration to celebrate gay pride month. Could a Christian possibly think this is a good thing? As commander and chief he has made it a court marshall offence for a member of the military to speak of their relationship to Christ to another member of the military. 15 more words

The Pledge for Full LGBT Equality


From: Todd Fernandez
Subject: Equality Pledge Pride Push

Dear Rev. Lynch, 

 Thank you again for your support for the Equality Pledge.   As requested, below please find the information regarding our Pride Month Push, as we seek to attain 250 group endorsements from all 50 states.  

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Jim, What really bothered me was that Mitt Romney took 400 MILLION Dollars from George Bush during the war on terror and spent in on his Mandated Health Insurance in Massachusetts. 195 more words

must see Whitehouse vids

President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Spectrum Report Release

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology releases a report on realizing the potential of government-held spectrum to spur… 321 more words

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