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Where were you the first time you heard...

Picture it. Memphis. The summer of 1994 was fast approaching. I’d just turned 18. I’d just graduated high school. And I’d just come out of the closet. 241 more words


Gay Bar

Since Pride Month is winding down, I decided to highlight this photo featuring a product that I purchased. Recently I went to a job interview that was held in the Chinatown area of Washington, DC. 71 more words


My first time at a gay bar

I was visiting New York and my friend Zoey who knows that I’ve always had hangups about going to a gay bar forced me to go to one… We ended up in a gay bar called Pieces in Greenwich village and as the night progressed the tiny bar bulged at the seams with a gaggle of gay men, 2 very attractive bar tenders, and 3 straight girls… 953 more words


Blighty, Barcelona and being on holiday

Brunch with Jonny at Blighty. Just to start the holiday off right.


Being here, drinking, gay bars, giggles and flirts. Deciding on our drag names.

Last weekend my best friend, Alex, stayed with me for a couple of drunken days. He’s going to be the best man at my wedding and, as the wedding will be in Mexico, it will be hard for him to organise a stag do, so this was kind of my stag do. 722 more words

SWANSEA: Gay men probably not that into you, straight men told 

Straight men who are under the impression that all gay men are planning to jump them and ride like a rodeo on a bull, have been advised that it doesn’t quite work like that. 318 more words

Swansea News

Ye Olde Gig Diaries: Electric Six (13th June 2007)

My desire to be a music journalist is nothing new. Once upon a time, aged 13-17, I kept a scrapbook of concerts that I attended. However, not realising just how many I would end up going to, it wasn’t updated very often. 585 more words