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Going to a Gay Bar Alone

I don’t usually do this, or more precisely, I’ve never done this before.  But as part of my plan to try new things, I went to a gay bar, alone.   293 more words



SOME SAY JUVENILE, I SAY: “I DON’T CARE.” Well, the truth is, I really care that’s why I’m posting this. Sorry for that sudden change of statement. 397 more words


The Ranting and Raving of a Misguided Christian Social Conservative

There was a gay bar a couple of doors down from my dad’s church in Boston. Only those “in-the-know” knew about it. Then again, maybe it was the guys who went in and out of the place that tipped us off. 1,111 more words


Cedar Brook Cafe - June 27, 2010

By the time I was old enough to discover the Cedar Brook Cafe in Westport, Connecticut, she was already past her prime and would be closed in a few more years. 438 more words

My trip to Bali

I went to visit the exotic island of Bali in Indonesia last year with a friend.
It was a beautiful place, with hidden temples and sacred places everywhere. 68 more words

Joysticks, Superman Costumes, in a Friendly Atmosphere: My night at the Second Anniversary of Gaymer Zone

I knew gays, I knew geeks, I did NOT know gaymers…

by: Matteo Milesi

I have been to many gay clubs and to numerous events, but Gaymer Zone was definitely one of a kind. 443 more words