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The Squaddies

I have this friend who I have split into multiple characters because I have so many stories about her and I don’t want people to think she is a psychopath. 402 more words


An impromptu cheap trip to Nuremberg

Bitter coldness, an abundance of cheap beer and pork, Nazi history, aggressive customer service, not understanding anything on a tour and accidentally cruising into an uber-gay bar were just some of the highlights of our trip to the second city of the German region of Bavaria, Nuremberg. 2,869 more words


The Toolbox (a summation in 5 stanzas or less)

The basement,
Dark and Dank,
Dimly lit,
It fucking stank

But if you slipped the bartender a $20,
The patrons would let you be,
As you did the nasty in the specially carved out booths… 38 more words


Hello, it's me

I’ve been rather busy. I started my new job as a testing proctor at the local community college. It’s a LOT to learn but everyone thinks I’m doing ok so far. 1,826 more words

Gentrified Gin

Last night I had my club go to, gin and tonic. It’s simple. It’s boozy. It’s three ingredients: gin, tonic and a bacteria covered lime from the bar. 185 more words

Oot (Flash Fiction)

So I’m oot hittin’ the clubs with ma besto Tammy. We’re at the Rusty Nail cause the music’s gid and the lads dinnae try and touch us up but anyways, a see this woman in the middle of the dance floor. 391 more words

S2E39 - Julie Kottakis

Julie Kottakis (Fringe Festival) stops by this week and we get into her latest tinder date which takes an odd turn.  For more info on Julie check out her website.