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Sleeping in a Bear Den

Huh. It’s interesting what happens when you meet someone. It’s interesting how easy it is for it to feel right. It’s interesting how I know someone for a week but it feels like I’ve know them for years. 895 more words

The Fox can't Sleep

Insomnia. Hooray.

I don’t feel great. I’ve needed some quality male connection. I haven’t gotten it. I’ve been looking at dirty pictures on Tumblr. Porn isn’t usually a problem for me but tonight and last night I was scoping. 731 more words

Tina Lugo: Interview

Today we want introduce you a new Thepinksnout’s friend: Tina Lugo. Tina is a talented contemporary US artist whose artworks are inspired by Japanese anime world. 1,633 more words


Welcome to my dating world

***I may not add names to my writings, but I have no right to write unless I’m going to be honest with myself. ***

Friend: “So would you date him?” 497 more words

Gay Bear

What's wrong with me?

When it comes to self image issues I’ve come to realize I don’t have an issue. Society, our community, has an issue. Even in our own Bear community I’ve noticed it as well. 262 more words

Gay Bear

A Twitter Perpetuated Fantasy

There’s something sadisticly sexy about one of your crushes posting a review on YouTube of your favorite video game. SomecallmeJohnny is one of those crushes of mine. 622 more words



Recently I found myself in a discussion about sex. It was with a few guys talking about the kinds of sex they were having with their boyfriends: about opening their relationships, or closing their relationships, about movie nights and ice cream. 1,348 more words