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Confession: A Recovered Memory from a Recovering Catholic

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Truth is I haven’t had that much to say so rather than try to force out some recovery bullshit I decided to take a break. 468 more words


Battling Brenda Mywille

As you may or not know from either knowing me or reading this Blog I refer to my addiction as Brenda. Brenda, is a 6 foot drag queen with a MAJOR attitude problem and I’ve recently given her a last name, and in the spirit of dragdom have provided her with a Puntastic last name. 951 more words


Sing Sunday

I’ve always loved this song, but now it has become a mantra for my life. I dedicate this song to my friends and family as a promise. 35 more words


Motivation/Man Crush Monday: Get ya ass up, show me how you BEARlesque!

This is coming late as hell, I know. Life is hard for a theatre practitioner, sue me. But, I had to get this up, because I am so excited about this. 1,860 more words