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Como Conocí a Jack Radcliffe

Hace algunos años teníamos un amigo que se declaró, Gay Oso. El amigo tenía una pasión especial que quería compartir: mirar las fotos del famoso actor porno gay bear  Jack Radcliffe. 383 more words


Workday Blues

Dear December in Memphis,

You are GRAY. No sun, just a lighter shade of gray. This is not conducive in me wanting to leave my bed this morning. 165 more words

How does this work again?

Lordy, it has been a long time since I have tried my hand at my blog. It essentially sat idle for the past year. During that time I have worked ridiculous amounts of hours, spent nearly 3 months with my Mother in and out of the hospital and then helping her rehab once she was released, helping take care of my sister’s kids. 135 more words


Right now none of us are living in the same city.

Alex is in Spokane Washington working on Znation and is gone six months out of the year, Jon got a job as a reporter at a newspaper in Bakersfield and is only home on the weekends, and I am here, in LA, keeping our house safe for my men. 1,500 more words


Aha Moment

I’ve had an epiphany. Think of it as an Oprah ‘aha moment.’ But first, some background.

Since I was about 9 I’ve been a curvy boy. 865 more words


Unrequited Love Triangle

 (Anthony, my ex, had suspicions that I was cheating on him, and it was tearing us apart. I was not cheating on him, but he started going crazy and obsessed over it, that it caused many a fued…including with the guy he thought I was cheating on. 1,857 more words


Started my chest piece with Tine Defiore