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Confessions of an Eight-Year-Old Cake Decorator

It’s pretty scary, when at eight-years-old, you realize you’re a sissy. Worse, when at that same tender age, you begin to seriously ponder what it will mean for the rest of your life. 1,693 more words


Supercrush Friday: Superman

Happy Friday! We just wanted to kick our Friday off with our Superman Supercrushes of the day!

Submit your sexy and nerdy pics to gaymerbase@gmail.com… 32 more words


Bye Malta, me love you long time, no matter how much you slap me in the face

So to close the Maltese story…

No love no glory 🎶🎶

Putting aside the hopes of great holiday love, it was rather fantastic. The sea, the views, the weather. 713 more words


Where is the love?

Wherever it is, it defo isn’t within a reasonable radius. It’s never been. I really don’t get why I can NEVER find any romantic, passionate relationship with someone who’s around the place I actually live. 496 more words


Quick quote of the day, 9/9/15

“I was freaking out about Caitlin Jenner so I took a klonopin… and then I almost fell off my skateboard.” -Elliott

Making New Friends. And Making Out with Them.

Ok, let me give you some background to last night’s story.

I’ve recently moved to this city, where I only have one friend, who I can go out and have a drink with. 747 more words


Another one from my favourite He's Just Not That Into You series

I think it’s time to stop living in denial. One of the very few guys I recently met up with who was both my type, cute, funny and didn’t try to have sex with me on the first day is… 291 more words