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Love Wins... It took me a day a whole day Lolz

Yas hello babes , love wins . Well yesterday a very historic moment happened in the United States of America , they Legalized Gay Marriage in all 50 states , we can now freely get married and be us. 174 more words

Gym Release

Gym Release
photo by me.


I’m exercising again. I forgot how great it feels to be active. This past year of college has been so crazy and I’ve been so busy that I just let exercising not happen. 162 more words

Gay Boy


Last night Zack and I were extras in a major film set to come out next summer starring some big movie stars.. Other than that I can’t legally say much else about the movie, however I can tell you about our experience filming it. 602 more words

Thought of the day

The best thing that has ever happened in my life is when I realized I have nothing to be ashamed about myself.

I’m gay, I’m a minority, I’m fucking weird. 30 more words

Gay Boy


Well. It’s Wednesday, one of my busiest days of the week. I have six hours of class and I spent about 8 hours working on stuff. 214 more words

Gay Boy

Welcome to my blog!

Well this is an exciting and moment in my blog’s history! Hopefully I come up with enough content to make this interesting for the few people that read this. 93 more words

Gay Boy