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Learning the Language

*First post in a series on language, so please be patient and know there’s much more to be said about LGBTQ language. We’ll take the conversation one step at a time! 1,101 more words


Simple Question

Church Clarity offers a simple service—a list of churches, and whether or not they’re LGBT-affirming.

I’m beyond ecstatic that this website exists, and beyond angry that it… 1,542 more words

Gay Christian

Are You About to Come Out to Your Christian Parents? If so, this is a Must Read.

Coming out to your Christian parents can be a real risk. You put everything on the line, and you don’t know what will happen. Will they come alongside you? 1,381 more words

Gay Christian

Did Your Child Just Come Out to You? If so, this is a Must Read!

Hey fellow Moms and Dads. You may feel like a deer in the headlights! Your child just told you: “Mom, I’m gay,” “Dad, I’m lesbian,” 977 more words

Gay Christian

Finding the Future

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?”

Kind of a weird question to be asked outside of a job interview.

I was having dinner with my straight best friend, his fiancée, and our friend Joe. 987 more words

Gay Christian

Heavy Breather

When I first visited Colorado, it was after living in the lowlands of Oklahoma for 14 years.  On top of Pike’s Peak, I found myself gasping for air every few breaths.  660 more words


Am I an Oxymoron? Living the Faith Part 1 (11-15)

Here’s me. Apparently a rare species. A paradox. An oxymoron. There are some people that don’t think I can be both. There are others that don’t think I should be both. 718 more words