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Every Thorn Has It's Rose

Today would have been my mom’s 70th birthday.  Her name is Hazel…“like a nut,” she would say, “because I’m kinda crazy.”  If mom were alive, she would be celebrating at a local BBQ place or Incredible Pizza, which is actually dad’s favorite.  1,584 more words


The Beginning of my life

Let’s start this first post from the very start. The first thing I know besides the general pattern of a catholic church’s mass is. since I was a child although born female, I used to play around as a Male, and in my mind I would always picture being the hero of a girl and kissing her after saving her from distress. 953 more words


Enough Already!

I haven’t posted anything in months.  My apologies.  I still love Jesus.  I haven’t decided to leave Christianity for the latest self honoring religious trend.  In all honesty, I was just kind of mentally exhausted.   1,310 more words


Dear Tired Anti-Christian...

Dear Offended Anti-Christians, I had a chance to Fisk this lovely little article  by John Pavlovitz about what a burden it is that I and my fellow Bible-believing types won’t shut up and go away. 4,355 more words

First blog post

Why am I starting a blog? I’m not entirely sure. It probably stems from my need for an outlet for my emotions and fears but I also know that I can’t be the only one with these feelings. 298 more words


The State of The Cocoon

My therapist told me that the more transparency I can have in my life, the happier I will be. I believe it. However, in my world, with my specific circumstances, it’s just not the best choice, either for me or for my family. 176 more words


Clearing the air...kinda.

Today, I sent a FB message to those who I was pastoring when I screwed up. I admitted my sin and my failing. I admitted I failed them and God. 304 more words