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Am I out... Only to some.

Everyone seems to have a coming out story.  I’m only out to my husband.  Before you start bashing me, understand the circumstances.  We were separated, possibly headed to divorce. 215 more words

Be True

Being gay at Bethel

Loving to stir the pot a bit and get others talking, a few talented journalists and I created a story about gay students that blew up our campus. 70 more words

Article #85: Is There Hope If You Are Struggling With Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction? (2 videos)

It is not a sin to experience same-sex thoughts or attractions. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve experienced both emotional and sexual attraction towards other men. 176 more words

Same-sex Attraction

Six Word Memoirs About Being A Gay Christian

I bought a book today called,
“Memoir Writing For Dummies.”
I want to write a memoir about what
it is like to be a gay Christian. 223 more words

Love the sinner. Hate Steve.

There are a few things in my world that I can always count on:

  1. Stray animals will miraculously find their way to my house.
  2. I will forget something important every time I travel.
  3. 1,080 more words

Who... really cares ??

How many people have to die? How many tears have to fall? How many more families will be ripped apart? How many shots to the head? 1,318 more words