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Do they ask you for a cake? Bake them Two!

Why do we police other people’s behaviour? I want to do a service to all christians and non-christians and clarify something about the people who are fighting all those “terribly important cultural battles” around you. 284 more words


Superman and the orange juice lady.....

Earlier I said that I would talk a bit more about my perception of what gay meant when I was twelve. Unfortunately that meant that I had to endure the anti-gay Save Our Children campaign which was led by evangelical christian singer and Florida Orange Juice spokesperson Anita Bryant. 1,011 more words


Is the church guilty?

“How come I never do, what I want to do? How come everything I try never turns out right?” is what Joliet Jake Blues from the Blues Brothers sings in his song “guilty”. 407 more words

Does God Hate Gay People

Fear realized

As I write about some of those times I reflect back on how different things were for me as a gay child growing up on a very conservative Christian family farm. 803 more words


Week 3 Over (but seemingly still here to stay)

So the past week or so has been utter chaos. In the past week I’ve completed 3 assignments/assessments and have received another 4 or 5. Not to mention the constant stream of work from normal classes. 796 more words

Lost and Found

Being “lost and found”¬†doesn’t happen when an LGBT person turns away from their alleged sinful “lifestyle,” but when they, after having been turned away from churches, families, and friends for being who they are, return to their True Love and realize how madly He loves them no matter their identity and that He has a divine plan and purpose (and perhaps a partner ;) ) for their lives just like everyone else. :)

Thoughts On Christian Living

Gay Christians and Freakonomics

Please bear with me an this. I will now make a case for LGBT+ inclusion in churches from the perspective of game theory. It’ll be logical and it’ll be great and I promise to make it worth the read and the brain acrobatics! 622 more words

Does God Hate Gay People