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Who is Unclean?

So last night before I went to bed I had a really beautiful meditative experience.

Anyway, I lit some candles, and incense (always a good idea) planning to meditate or do yoga.  696 more words

I'd Bake Them a Cake, and Eat Some Too: Religious Freedom, Gay Rights, and the Man in the Middle

There’s been a lot of fuss surrounding Indiana’s recent enactment of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Following the legislation, liberals and progressives came out of the woodworks to go toe-to-toe with conservatives—especially conservative evangelicals. 833 more words

The Problem With Gay People Is That They Are...

I know you’ve got a problem with gay people. Let me see if I’ve got this “straight” (pun included at no extra cost) –

The problem with gay people is that they are… 485 more words

Gay Christian

Do they ask you for a cake? Bake them Two!

Why do we police other people’s behaviour? I want to do a service to all christians and non-christians and clarify something about the people who are fighting all those “terribly important cultural battles” around you. 284 more words


Superman and the orange juice lady.....

Earlier I said that I would talk a bit more about my perception of what gay meant when I was twelve. Unfortunately that meant that I had to endure the anti-gay Save Our Children campaign which was led by evangelical christian singer and Florida Orange Juice spokesperson Anita Bryant. 1,011 more words


Is the church guilty?

“How come I never do, what I want to do? How come everything I try never turns out right?” is what Joliet Jake Blues from the Blues Brothers sings in his song “guilty”. 407 more words

Does God Hate Gay People

Fear realized

As I write about some of those times I reflect back on how different things were for me as a gay child growing up on a very conservative Christian family farm. 803 more words