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I'm Still a Christian

Sometimes it feels weird to say that. That I choose to follow a faith that has caused me so much pain. My story isn’t unique from other LGBTQ Christians. 434 more words


a rant: On Gayness

What the heck man? Being gay is weird. There are these things that are celebrated by the media and whatnot, things like crushes, flirting, romance, even chivalry, and I don’t really feel like I can celebrate those things. 946 more words


Another excerpt from Gregory Coles’s beautifully written Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity:

The evangelical church is a strange place to be a sexual minority.

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Christian Faith & SSA

The First Epiphany

I never “kissed dating goodbye” because I never even started dating. A discussion of the young Christian’s guidebook to relationships one Sunday morning at church youth group leaves very few memories. 968 more words


The Sensitive Issue We Need To Address

As I take a deep breath to write this post, know that I am thinking out loud, exploring, wondering.

One of my most hated spiritual gifts is the gift of discernment. 974 more words


Interpretation of the Bible

Many of the theological controversies that result from diverse and opposed interpretations of the Bible texts and lead to great divisions among Christian denominations occur because when we read we mix the text with our pre-conceived ideas and cultural biases. 587 more words