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Rollercoasters Suck

The rollercoaster fucking sucks.

I said it. It’s ok. I’m past the point where I think the “F” word is going to send me to hell. 1,386 more words

The Journey Begins

Hello World!

I’m lesbian and Christian. And it feels good to say this out loud! It was a long journey to come to term with the coexistence of these two identities of mine. 1,242 more words

Gay Christian

Rediscovering the Gospel w/ The Reformation Project

Photos by Bethany Bohlen

I have always felt a strong pull towards vocational ministry. When missionaries came to speak at our church, they told us the journey was not always easy and often it was costly. 1,722 more words


This Guy

Lately I’ve been realizing how little I have seen in my life. And it’s not just because I have had a short life, although I do acknowledge that’s true. 1,172 more words


An Open Letter to the Church, from a Queer Guy

Dear Church,

Two disclaimers to start off. First, We don’t have to agree, we could both be wrong. Second, I’ll use the term “gay” or “gays” to refer to the LGBTQ+ community in a broader sense. 754 more words

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Being Emotionally Vulnerable is Costly

I have had many conversations in the last 5 months where I have had to commit to being emotionally vulnerable. Sometimes conversations go well, but they don’t always meet our greatest expectations. 486 more words

Living and Dating as a Femme Lesbian

I’ve been on a bit of a writers block for the last little while, so this post has been a long time coming. Someone suggested to me a few weeks ago that I write about what it’s like to date a girl. 1,719 more words