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Thoughts on Weekend

I’ve been meaning to see the film Weekend for a few years now and I just finished watching it. It’s a 2011 British film about two men who meet at a bar on a Friday night and share a profound weekend that stays with them. 595 more words


In Case You Missed It

This week on Fandor: Films that affirm love, break the rules, blow your mind and capture a zeitgeist. 548 more words


Boulevard - Film Review

Difficult to detach from the untimely suicide of its star, Robin Williams, Boulevard, passably directed by Dito Montiel, is a basically competent but somewhat incurious little bildungsroman about a late-middle aged man’s attempts to reclaim value and emotional autonomy in a life beset by grinding repetition and pernicious pretence. 359 more words

Queer Film in Books: Interview with Steven Paul Davies, author of Out at the Movies

Last week, BFI Flare kicked off on London’s Southbank. Now in its 30th year, Flare is London’s annual LGBTQ film festival. It’s a massively popular event that combines the best in queer film with talks, interviews, discos and booze. 1,036 more words

We Need Diverse Books

Rainbow Without Color

I normally don’t do this but this movie had me in tears. The cinematography on this is beautiful and the storyline is sweet and sad. I am not a big fan of storylines that don’t end with a “happily ever after” but this is one of the few exceptions. Worth watching!


Sebastian Silva’s barmy pastel-coloured flick is sexy and charming, whilst bizarrely failing to satisfy anybody quite enough.

The surge of relatable gay characters within the mainstream media has become an ever developing rash of positivity over the past few years, with modern media portrayal’s continuing to carve a smoother path for future LGBTQ generations worldwide. 1,037 more words