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5 Common Myths Of Gay Clubs

Dear Straight People,

I’ve lost count of the number of times you people have pestered me to bring you along to a gay club. The funny thing however, is that although most of you have never stepped foot inside a gay club, straight people seem to harbour all kinds of weird misconceptions about gay clubs. 533 more words

Dear Straight People

Gay clubs are more than about 'pulling'

Last week, I was invited to a gay club with some of my friends from uni. It would be one of the last times that we would see each other, and I had only ever been to a gay club/night twice or three times before. 354 more words


Gay Club Social Anxiety

So my therapist mentioned something to me in my first meeting with her. She said I have signs of a bit of social anxiety in that I always worry what other people will think of me. 799 more words

I've got two words for Paparazzi Nightclub ownership/management: Thank you

The candle is in full flicker as a fierce wind whistles a menacing tune and whips wickedly against windows that are most often open but are now tightly shuttered, shielding me from an unexpected and unwelcomed bite of Mother Nature’s late-March madness. 766 more words


Top 10 things NOT to say to Gay Club Door Staff

1) “OMG it’s my birthday can I get in for free!?”

Awww… and I’m pretty sure there are 20 other birthdays behind you…so NO!…Chances are if the ID screener notices that it is  your birthday and you don’t make a big deal about it; they might actually put you on their personal guest list…. 730 more words

Gay Boy Problems

Devil came to me

I first met Cyrus about 3 years ago in SL, when he came to the club I owned and after some minor chit chat we instantly bonded, becoming good friends in a very short time; he had -and still does as a matter of fact- a big mouth and an aloof attitude towards life I simply found contagious, finding it very easy to be as much myself around him as I could possibly be, without finding any judgement or critique from his part. 423 more words

Spike Clemenceau

The lack of a gay scene in Warrington

By Jordan Welsher

Entertainment Co-editor

I’M a student and I go to a university in a town without a gay scene, or anything to do with the LGBT community, really. 769 more words